Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Welcome back to the 12 signs of the Zodiac (in crochet!)
So, this is my second month in my challenge, and this month I made Pisces!

Pisces is usually represented by two fish, however, because of life, I only had time to make one of them. (I tend to do things very last minute.)

I decided to represent Pisces by a koi fish. I used.. I believe Red Heart Super Saver yarn for this project. I chose a red, an orange, and a white yarn for my fish.

When I crochet in multiple colors like this, I tend to leave them attached instead of snipping all those ends. Then when I get down where I’ve stopped the patterning, I snip them and tie them together. If this was going to be a hat or something, I would have been snipping and hiding ends. In this case, since everything will be hidden inside the piece, knots and leaving them hanging a little is fine. (I am lazy when it comes to hiding ends.)

I used three colors: A red, an orange and a white. In the body section, r is red, w is white, and o is for orange.
1. Magic ring with 6 sc.
2. inc, sc. Repeat around – 9
3. inc, 2 sc. repeat around – 12
4. inc, 3 sc. repeat around – 15
5. inc, 2 sc. repeat around – 20
6. inc, 3 sc. repeat around – 25
7. inc, 4 sc. repeat around – 30
8-9. sc around
10. 4sc in white, 4sc in red. 23sc white
11. 3w, 4 red, 5 white, 3 orange, 14w
12. 1white, 8 red, 3white, 6orange, 12 w
13. 3w, 7r, 1w, 9 o, 10w
14. 5w, 7r, 5o, 13w
15. 7w,3r, 8o, 12w
16. 4w,4r,6o, 16w
17. 3w, 9r, 2o, 10w, dec, 4w – 29
18. 5w, 7r, 4o, 3w, dec, 5w, dec, 1w – 27
19. 7w, 4r, 7o, 3w, dec, 4w – 26
20. 4w, 7r, 5o, 7w, dec, 1w – 25
21. 2w, 6r, dec, 2r, 3o, 10w – 24
22. 8w, 2r, 6o, 8w – 24
23. 7w, 9o, 3w, dec, 3w (you can snip the red yarn at this point, as the red coloring is done with) – 23
24. 4w, 8o, dec, 2o, 7w. – 22
25. 2w, 5o, dec. 2o, 11w – 21
26. 6w, 3o, 7w, dec, 3w. -20
27. 10w, dec, 8 w (you can snip the orange now.) – 19
28. 5, dec, 12, (turn inside out here and start snipping/tying) – 18.
the reason I snip and tie off all those ends is because I feel like it pulls otherwise. You can probably get away without doing this. Or however you do your normal color patterning would work
29. dec, 7sc, repeat – 16
30. 3sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 4sc – 14
31. 1sc,dec, 5sc, dec,4sc – 12
32. 4sc, dec, 4sc,dec – 10
33. dec, 3sc, dec, 3sc – 8
34. dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc – 6
35. dec, sc, dec, sc – 4

2 sc. slst. t.o.

Top fins:
ch 10.
slst, 2sc, 3hdc, 3dc, ch2, turn
3dc, 3hdc, 2 sc, slst.
sl st around the other side to the corner.

slst, 3sc, 3hdc, 3dc, ch2 and turn
3dc, 3hdc, 3sc, slst, ch1 and turn
slst, 3sc, 3hdc, 3dc.
sl st around one side and back around to other

2sc, 3hdc, ch2 and turn
2hdc, 2sc, sl,
Sl stitch around to the other side.

back fin:
sc12, ch2 and turn
2dc,2hdc, 6sc, 2sl.

And there you have Pisces! The only other thing I added, was the small tag that I made a month ago. For Pisces, I attached it like it was holding it in the mouth.

Lastly, in case you missed it:


4 thoughts on “Pisces: February 19 – March 20

    • Thanks! Yeah, I need to be a little more organized when I hit Gemini. XD I’ve already been thinking that with Gemini. ^_~
      I agree, I don’t really believe in the zodiac, but I do find it super fascinating. I love your tribute!!! They were so cute and made me giggle!

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