Under the Sea!

Hey all!
So, my friend is having a baby! This actually is not news since I’ve known for quite a bit.. But he asked me to make something for the baby.
I’ve never made anything for a baby before. Well, that’s not true. I once made baby booties at the request of my mother for her coworker (one that I knew and got along well with) but more to the point that I never made a critter for a baby before.
Anyway, he was saying how they were going to do her room up in an “under the sea” theme, and how they were thinking of going and buying a toy for her that she could keep forever. But then, after I sent him an octopus, he thought that maybe I could make her something. A whale to be specific.
In case you didn’t realize, I tend to like to challenge myself. I also like to make things i haven’t made before.
(He also asked if I could make other little things for a mobile. Haven’t gotten to that YET, will probably soon)

I started by making that huge circle.. Then going from there. The whale can be held in one hand. One ADULT hand. But it is more squishy being held in two.

The yarn is Serenity Baby from premier yarns Deborah Norville collection. The color was Tide Pool. I love the colors of this. I also worked it up with a size I hook.

My sewing of felt on eyes leaves much to be desired.

And I don’t think I have them even. Hopefully my friend and his baby won’t mind.

Then another friend expressed her love of whales, so I made her a little one:

In this case, it is much smaller (I work better with smaller creatures, truth be told.) And I put a safety eye in there. This yarn is a studio sample by Nicole from A.C. Moore. I was talking to one of the employees and they told me that it is an A.C. Moore brand, like how Walmart has its off brands. I just loved the colors, the teal with the silver streaks. However, since it is a “sample” I cannot find a colorway on the label. I worked it up with a size G hook.

He also asked for some under the sea creatures, still for the baby:

Then I don’t know how many of you have seen those amazing scenes with the coral, so I had to try to make some.

Another view of the yellow one:

These were made by chaining a handful of stitches. The green one I increased on every 4th stitch. I folded it over a couple of times and sewed it together. The yellow was on every 3rd stitch and I believe I started with a ch. 10 for it. I decided to leave this one as it was, curly and wavy.

In order to make them, its something called hyperbolic crochet.

This is a very nice video on how it works. Or well, at least I believe this was the video I watched a while ago. It’s very neat how it works. XD

How about you all? You ever try hyperbolic crochet? Did you like how things worked out?

In any case, I hope you are all having a great week!


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