Another month. One day I’ll be better!

Man, I don’t know what it is that got into me. I’ve been struggling to finish projects, unless they REALLY tend to catch my attention. It’s more a focus issue, and I look at things half finished and get… meh about working on them.
HOWEVER, I have been working on somethings.

I made a little mouse, I don’t remember why. Lol. I also don’t remember if I showed it, but I don’t think I have.

Then, my cousin is pregnant and due in March, so I’ve been trying to make her some little things for the baby. She’s calling her daughter Lulu right now, and I’ve only made a couple of things:

I made her this little binky holder.
Because I like all sorts of crafts, I bought these canvas tote bags and decided to decorate one up for little Lulu.

Those little monsters/crown are appliques that I also bought and ironed on.. I don’t know how to embroider, yet, and I wanted something cute and silly on the front.

The quote reads “Beauty isn’t what you see on TV or in magazine ads or even necessarily in art galleries. It’s a lot deeper and a lot simpler than that. It’s realizing the goodness of things, it’s leaving the world a little better than it was before you got here.” The thing is, I ran out of room, but the quote goes on with one more line, “It’s appreciating the inspiration of the world around you and trying to inspire others.” Its from a Charles de Lint novel, and honestly, I just loved it to bits. Hopefully, this little girl will see it, be inspired, and want to make the world a better place. That’s all any of us can ask to do.

In that vein, a new friend and I were talking about art/craft things. He does these reaaaally cool things with making his own stencils and spray paint. I’m honestly super impressed with it. I would link it, but I’m not sure exactly where to link to be honest. Well, he found out I crochet. And he was interested so…. I offered to make him something. I always like making things for people waaaay better than making them for myself. I also want to make things for people who’ll appreciate them. It’s why sometimes when I’m working on a project for someone, I struggle with even wanting to start it or finish it or anything and other times, the project flies off my hooks. Anyway, I offered to make him something, anything. One reason was to give me inspiration and the other reason is that I honestly love making things. Also, struggling with not being able to finish a lot of projects recently left me in a funk and I wanted something to help me out of it. However, he kept saying he felt bad.

Needless to say, we finally reached a point where I was able to talk him into letting me make him a thing he’d been wanting…

I’m so happy with this project. I don’t make a lot of “hats” and I’ve never made a helmet before, and it was one of those that once I got it started (after two froggings and restarting) it just flew and I finished it within a day.

That’s the best picture of the colors of the helmet and here is another picture I took of the helmet:

But. Since I had to mail this off, and I had no way to pester him to try it on and off to check the size and everything…. I was super nervous about it. Again, I don’t make many hats.
Needless to say:

It fit “like a glove” he said. (I’m also totally using his photo, but I asked him and he did say I can show it off. Not sure if he realized this is what I meant… ho hum..)

I made the base of the helmet and the details on my own, just looking at the basic picture he sent, and some examples of what people have done online, because I like to do things like that. However, I did find a pattern for a helmet and used their pattern for the horns (which was someone else’s pattern that they improvised as well) and then I chained a loooong strip and wrapped it around the horns and sewed it on.
The pattern I found is here and it’s for the Skyrim Iron Helmet kinda like I made. Like I said though, there’s gonna be differences since I improvised the entire helmet beyond the horns. But still, I feel I should give credit where its due, since I definitely wrote… nothing… down on how I made it.

But still, I’m very happy with it, and while I keep looking at the pictures and thinking how I could make it better “next time,” I know that my friend loves it. Its things like that, the putting something out that makes someone smile into the world that I love about crafts and I need to get myself back to remembering when I make things. 😛

What about you all? I know I’ve been very MIA lately, and my goal is to get back to finishing projects at least every other week (if I can get in the habit of making more things!)



I really love my crafts.
Honestly, I do.
Though, it may take me forever to do something, I love messing with different projects and everything. Trying to figure out something new.

That being said, I’m still learning how to spin yarn.

So, I started with this fiber:

And I was using my drop spindle so you can see the in-progress picture here:

And the yarn when it was all finished, of course. I kept staring at it, because it just reminded me of a galaxy.

Anyway, since it wasn’t a whole lot.. and I had no other idea what to do with it.. I made this little dragon with it:

I named him Galaxy. I love the way the colors came out and I loooved the way the yarn came out. I didnt have all that much of it, unfortunately. Just enough to make Galaxy with only a little more, enough to make this little octopus.

I hope you all are doing well! I’ve been slightly under the weather, but the good news is that I’m slowly getting over it!

EEK! 1 Month. O.o

Sometimes in the river of life.. I find myself lost. I blink and suddenly a week or a month goes by. It goes by quietly, and all at once and then I’m sitting over here going “But.. how?I did things right? Did I?” and I look at my piles of half finished things, my house with all its boxes in it.. and I wonder what I was actually doing in that time frame.

I had plans to make a nice spoooky Halloween scene with all my little amis… That didn’t happen.
I had plans to make a go vote post with my little amis voting… That didn’t happen.

… And not because they couldn’t just because I got swept up in the small tides of life and totally forgot to stage and take pictures.

Anyways: I don’t think I shared this little guy.

His name is Vezoth and he’s made with my very first ever spun yarn. WEll, that and I took some stash black/greyish yarn for the wings.. But still!

Because of the way the yarn was made.. and it being my first.. It was super blobby at times and made parts of him a little uneven.

That doesn’t stop me from loving him any more or any less of course. XD Actually, I am very proud of my little dragon and I appreciate all his little flaws.

Anyway, I do have some other things completed. Hopefully I won’t be a complete loon and forget to show you soon! (There will be a second post for that yarn next to Vezoth by the by.. I promise!)

Feeling a little witchy…

Boil boil, toil and trouble.

Right, that didn’t rhyme, but this little witch can barely keep her hair out of her face, let along make sure the spell rhymes.

AH HA! There she is:

So, I didn’t make a pattern. Oops. But I did make her poseable. Inside her little crocheted body, I followed some of the stop motion tutorials I had found on how to make a wire skeleton…with a lot of mistakes in the beginning of trying to make the wire frame.. Her hair is yarn that I pulled apart to the single ply and sewn on, but I didn’t brush them out. I was going to, but couldn’t find any of my combs. Truthfully though, I love how it came out without brushing it, so I’m glad that I didn’t!

Anyway, I hope you all are doing great and prepping for the spookiest time of the year!


Hi guys!
I swear, I’ve been working on things. I did tell you I started my new job, right? It’s great. I love it. The people I work with are awesome. But… man, I get home and feel like a puddle of goo. It will pass, it IS passing, it’s just taking me some time to get acclimated to my schedule.

That being said, with halloween just around the corner, I wanted to share this really neat project I did.
First off, I started with a dollar tree “carvable” pumpkin. It was vibrant, fake orange. when I carved a section out, the inside proved to be stryofoam, STRAIGHT WHITE, and overall kinda disappointing looking. The stem was… fair… but not great. I have a before picture somewhere of my before on the stem, but I forgot where I placed it. Plus, the stem was stuck on by a small toothpick which actually shoved down into my cavern I wanted to use. Overall, I was wondering if I could really get the effect I wanted from this project.
Then, I started painting the pumpkin. Inside and OUT.

The small section you can see the vibrant fake orange coating, and you can see how I changed the pumpkin to give it a little more of a realistic look by using an acrylic orange paint called “carrot” and mixing in some small dabs of black into the crevices. I’m pretty impressed with it. (I also repainted the stem, but I totally forgot to save that picture to flickr.)

BUT WAIT! So, then I had these little spider rings that we picked up somewhere. So I snipped the ring part off and attached them to the pumpkin with a hot glue gun. I also reattached the stem this way since I broke off the overly large toothpick. I also painted the inside of the pumpkin pure black.

EVEN better, I had a small skeleton from this garland kit that I also picked up at the dollar tree. Even though he was a looot bigger than I really wanted for this project, I made it work by scrunching him up and getting him to “sit” inside the pumpkin. After a few attempts with my hot glue gun on a small silicon pad (I used the back of one of my silicon molds) I was able to get some fairly decent web-like creations. Which I wrapped the skeleton in, attached one to the pumpkin with a couple of more dabs of hot glue… and then another spider later I was set with my scene!

I really wanted to do better with this project, but realistically, with the small space inside and the items I had already acquired, I was super happy how it came out.

What about you all? Any halloween crafts you’ve been working on? How are you planning on decorating? Anyone else love this spooky time of year?

The Hundred Mark!

“Whatchya doing?”

“Making a banner….”


“Because The Dragon’s Cave reached over one hundred followers.”

“…We have a hundred people who KNOW about our little cave?”



During the past month (partly while I was without internet), I hit a major milestone on this blog. Somehow, over 100 people decided to follow it.
Thank you all for visiting my humble little piece of the internet! Honestly, I’m so amazed and grateful for you all.
Here’s to my followers, old and new, from all of us over here in the craft cave!

Onto more crafting!


Hey all!
So, I moved!
That left me with about TWO WEEKS with no internet (or minimal as I would borrow internet from Starbucks) until I got it installed here.
BUT I am officially moved even though I feel like 75% of my stuff is still in boxes.

THAT being said, I didn’t stop crafting. I’ve slowed down some, but I still was able to finish:
This eevee, Togetic, 4 octopi (2 are in one picture, and then I showed them again in the second picture), 3 tiny puff monsters, and 1 wyvern.

Anyway, now back to my challenge.. As sooon as I find my bag with gemini half done in it..

What about you all? Get any good crafting done in the last couple of weeks?