Procrastination… and gifts.

So, it seems like when I should be doing something else, like studying or dishes or well, ANYTHING else I should be doing, I find a way to do something else.
This time, it was studying and working on some of the projects I already committed myself to. Like my Zodiac ones. I have a month to make up the pattern, I should not stress myself out by making up the patterns last minute.
Not that I’m stressing out about it, really. But I’m making a point.

This time, I was making a “surprise” gift for a friend. She was having a bad week, and I showed her my octopi and offered to send one to help cheer her up. Then I decided to make her a surprise.
It’s only partially a surprise as I told her I was making her something else. I didn’t tell her what.
Now it’s there so I can show you all what I made:

And after I made my mini octopus army, and I offered one up, I had two more friends poke me wanting one. One of those friends wanted one for his daughter as well, and after multiple questions, I found out she (the daughter) wanted a blue one. And slightly bigger than the little multicolored ones.

They have all found their new homes safe and sound by now. But I just wanted to share the things I’ve been making.

Alas, I told you I make a lot of dragons, right? Now to stop procrastinating and study and work on those patterns.


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