I really love my crafts.
Honestly, I do.
Though, it may take me forever to do something, I love messing with different projects and everything. Trying to figure out something new.

That being said, I’m still learning how to spin yarn.

So, I started with this fiber:

And I was using my drop spindle so you can see the in-progress picture here:

And the yarn when it was all finished, of course. I kept staring at it, because it just reminded me of a galaxy.

Anyway, since it wasn’t a whole lot.. and I had no other idea what to do with it.. I made this little dragon with it:

I named him Galaxy. I love the way the colors came out and I loooved the way the yarn came out. I didnt have all that much of it, unfortunately. Just enough to make Galaxy with only a little more, enough to make this little octopus.

I hope you all are doing well! I’ve been slightly under the weather, but the good news is that I’m slowly getting over it!


EEK! 1 Month. O.o

Sometimes in the river of life.. I find myself lost. I blink and suddenly a week or a month goes by. It goes by quietly, and all at once and then I’m sitting over here going “But.. how?I did things right? Did I?” and I look at my piles of half finished things, my house with all its boxes in it.. and I wonder what I was actually doing in that time frame.

I had plans to make a nice spoooky Halloween scene with all my little amis… That didn’t happen.
I had plans to make a go vote post with my little amis voting… That didn’t happen.

… And not because they couldn’t just because I got swept up in the small tides of life and totally forgot to stage and take pictures.

Anyways: I don’t think I shared this little guy.

His name is Vezoth and he’s made with my very first ever spun yarn. WEll, that and I took some stash black/greyish yarn for the wings.. But still!

Because of the way the yarn was made.. and it being my first.. It was super blobby at times and made parts of him a little uneven.

That doesn’t stop me from loving him any more or any less of course. XD Actually, I am very proud of my little dragon and I appreciate all his little flaws.

Anyway, I do have some other things completed. Hopefully I won’t be a complete loon and forget to show you soon! (There will be a second post for that yarn next to Vezoth by the by.. I promise!)


Hey all!
So, I moved!
That left me with about TWO WEEKS with no internet (or minimal as I would borrow internet from Starbucks) until I got it installed here.
BUT I am officially moved even though I feel like 75% of my stuff is still in boxes.

THAT being said, I didn’t stop crafting. I’ve slowed down some, but I still was able to finish:
This eevee, Togetic, 4 octopi (2 are in one picture, and then I showed them again in the second picture), 3 tiny puff monsters, and 1 wyvern.

Anyway, now back to my challenge.. As sooon as I find my bag with gemini half done in it..

What about you all? Get any good crafting done in the last couple of weeks?

Baby Umbreon, Star appliques (or something?) and Heartless..

These last couple of weeks, I’ve been travelling a lot, but I was still able to whip these guys up!

First off, I made this baby Umbreon following the pattern from Aphid777 on Deviantart Any mistakes were mine and since I don’t really know what I’m doing with needlefelting.. The face seems a bit off to me.. but, I am happy with how it came out and would recommend her pattern. There were maybe only 2 spots where I had a hard time following, but as I was making most of the Umbreon in the car during a road trip… I’m not sure if it was just me not following right.
He was made using Canon one pound yarn in black and a gold color (I have now of course lost the labels.. lol)
He took me about 2-3 days (car rides and interruptions) to complete.

Next, because I had fun stabbing the little needle things into yarn.. I tried to make a cat.. It sorta looks like one?

I bought this book with tiny needle-felted animals. They have some tips and tricks in the beginning (which I totally half read..) and then the “patterns” are kinda just breaking the animals down into shapes.. I.. honestly wasn’t that impressed with the book. My guess is that if you knew more about needle-felting, the book would come in handy, but me knowing nothing made it hard for me to follow so instead, I improvised and goofed around.

Next is a heartless!
The Heartless took me a handful of hours to complete.

This was totally improvised. I used the same black yarn I did for Umbreon. He has some pipe cleaners twisted around in his antennae and in his arms.

Then I made a heart.. half-following (meaning I started and ended with the pattern but improvised much of the middle as I zoned out) this pattern from Little Yarn Tales
I have no idea what yarn I used as I had lost the label a while ago and it was just a random ball in my pile.

LASTLY! I was having fun with some crochet thread (size 10) and made 4 stars. The flower-looking rainbow star on the far right I improvised but then decided it didn’t look enough like a star, so I ended up using part of this pattern from Ahookamigurumi (The part being the star then I saved it in case I ever want to make Captain America shields.)

All of them used a size G hook, EXCEPT the stars where I used a size 7 crochet hook.

What have you all been up to this week?


One of my favorite things lately are crochet cacti and succulents. I just find them fascinating. Like my last post, these pictures were taken at Flamingo Gardens.

The little pots I was able to pick up at the craft store. All the plants (except the dark green one in the ceramic pot) were made with a size 7 hook and crochet thread. The dark green one is embroidery thread and that same size 7 hook.

This guy I made by ch 18-20. sc all the way down, ch 1 and turning. 2 sc, then ch 15-16, sc all the way down again.. and I kept repeating over and over until I got the desired effect. I wrapped it in a circle, sewed it all together, and then used some superglue to keep it in the pot.

I do have to say my favorite is the prickly pear. The coral cactus (I think thats what it is?) I made by using the same method I did for underwater coral. The dark green I followed a similar method as I did for the plant above, but instead of rolling it into a circle, I folded it a few times. The last two, I didn’t really write down what I did.. Oops.

Even Nveryll approves of the fake plants.

I hope you are all doing well! Happy crafting.


I make a lot of dragons.

No.. Really. I make a LOT of dragons.

Still, I love making them as each one comes out unique and I love experimenting with faces.
Anyway, Meet Nveryll.

I love how these pictures came out, truthfully. My mom, some of my crochet, and I visited Flamingo Gardens over the last weekend. Flamingo Gardens is a 60 acre botanical gardens and animal sanctuary stationed in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It is home to a few cougars, a lot of birds of prey, and others. From my understanding, they try to rehabilitate and release where they can, but in some cases the animals are either too hurt or too used to humans for them to be able to. Its really beautiful, as long as you don’t mind sharing the pathways in the front 10 acres with the resident Peacocks and cats that roam around. Oh. And if you go early enough, watch your heads for the peacocks tend to sleep in all the trees surrounding the big banyan. Honestly, if you have a chance you should go check it out. One of the most crowded areas for birds however, was the Flamingo Lake. Nveryll loved taking these pictures with the flamingos!

Dust Bunnies!

Hey all! I don’t know how much you all like fuzzy yarn, but every since I’ve gotten the hang of it with my puff balls, I love using it. Granted, I usually make puff balls… which, I have a lot of floating around…. So, I decided to try something different.

The yarn is Lion brand pelt in Red Fox and Blue Mink. I used a G hook still, but the yarn itself calls for an N. Mainly, I like to use a smaller hook because it gives me tighter stitches.
The basics? I nearly followed my octopus pattern to a T except that instead of making 8 legs, I made 2 and I flipped the bunnies upside down so that the legs were actually ears.

Anyway, I really like the look of these guys and the pelt yarn is a bit hard to see, especially the blue mink due to the dark blue and the black. Still, I love how it came out. There will probably be more dust bunnies in the future as I liked them so much.