Stop Motion..

I don’t know how many of you all know about Stop Motion Animation.. Honestly, before this week, I knew it took a picture and generally involved clay or an object moving fractionally. I knew movies like the Wallace and Gromit ones, Coraline, and Nightmare Before Christmas employed it. And I knew I was fascinated.

Honestly, I love to rewatch Corpse Bride, or Coraline, or any of these movies and I just stare in amazement at the way it all comes together.

Well, after some extensive research… On way more than I’d ever need to know.. I tried my had at making one… or three. They’re choppy, with the longest being only 10 seconds long (though, it probably should have been shorter, but, I didn’t like how fast it seemed before)

The first one, I used my digital camera that I love so much and windows movie maker…

Anyway, have a gander.

This next one came out a little blurrier than I’d like. I was trying a different program in the hopes I could get my camera connected to my computer with onion skinning.. with no luck. But the program allowed me to set the frames per second, so I decided to play with it for the next couple of videos

I’m also learning my camera better, and trying out the manual mode.. This led into a lot of research (that I need to review as my head starts spinning a bit) on the different settings. One day! I swear! lol.

The one thing that this did was it made me appreciate even more all the work that goes into any stop motion animation movie. And get me excited to see Kubo.


One of my favorite things lately are crochet cacti and succulents. I just find them fascinating. Like my last post, these pictures were taken at Flamingo Gardens.

The little pots I was able to pick up at the craft store. All the plants (except the dark green one in the ceramic pot) were made with a size 7 hook and crochet thread. The dark green one is embroidery thread and that same size 7 hook.

This guy I made by ch 18-20. sc all the way down, ch 1 and turning. 2 sc, then ch 15-16, sc all the way down again.. and I kept repeating over and over until I got the desired effect. I wrapped it in a circle, sewed it all together, and then used some superglue to keep it in the pot.

I do have to say my favorite is the prickly pear. The coral cactus (I think thats what it is?) I made by using the same method I did for underwater coral. The dark green I followed a similar method as I did for the plant above, but instead of rolling it into a circle, I folded it a few times. The last two, I didn’t really write down what I did.. Oops.

Even Nveryll approves of the fake plants.

I hope you are all doing well! Happy crafting.


I make a lot of dragons.

No.. Really. I make a LOT of dragons.

Still, I love making them as each one comes out unique and I love experimenting with faces.
Anyway, Meet Nveryll.

I love how these pictures came out, truthfully. My mom, some of my crochet, and I visited Flamingo Gardens over the last weekend. Flamingo Gardens is a 60 acre botanical gardens and animal sanctuary stationed in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It is home to a few cougars, a lot of birds of prey, and others. From my understanding, they try to rehabilitate and release where they can, but in some cases the animals are either too hurt or too used to humans for them to be able to. Its really beautiful, as long as you don’t mind sharing the pathways in the front 10 acres with the resident Peacocks and cats that roam around. Oh. And if you go early enough, watch your heads for the peacocks tend to sleep in all the trees surrounding the big banyan. Honestly, if you have a chance you should go check it out. One of the most crowded areas for birds however, was the Flamingo Lake. Nveryll loved taking these pictures with the flamingos!

Dust Bunnies!

Hey all! I don’t know how much you all like fuzzy yarn, but every since I’ve gotten the hang of it with my puff balls, I love using it. Granted, I usually make puff balls… which, I have a lot of floating around…. So, I decided to try something different.

The yarn is Lion brand pelt in Red Fox and Blue Mink. I used a G hook still, but the yarn itself calls for an N. Mainly, I like to use a smaller hook because it gives me tighter stitches.
The basics? I nearly followed my octopus pattern to a T except that instead of making 8 legs, I made 2 and I flipped the bunnies upside down so that the legs were actually ears.

Anyway, I really like the look of these guys and the pelt yarn is a bit hard to see, especially the blue mink due to the dark blue and the black. Still, I love how it came out. There will probably be more dust bunnies in the future as I liked them so much.

Spinning Take 2

About a year ago, during the last Tour de Fleece, I learned how to use a drop spindle. It left me with a small amount of yarn (I still have not weighed/measured it) and it was rather fun to use. It did take me two weeks to get there though.
I put it aside as I got distracted.. I mean, while I really liked spinning, I was more interested in crocheting and making little things… I still am truthfully. Then I moved as well, which made my crafting mojo kinda putter out for a bit. (I’m going to move again soonish though.. possibly.. so hopefully I won’t lose my focus again!)
Not to say I didn’t make things.. but without my light box.. I was kinda sad to see the quality of my photos and was irritated by not having the space to make a new light box.. (I still don’t have the space yet, but I’m learning to live with my subpar photos.)
BUT. but.. What my mom had sitting in her living room was two spinning wheels. Why? She likes the look of them and one of them has been there for nearly as long as I could remember. The other.. I don’t know how long it has been in the house. Probably five or ten years…

I spent about two weeks, staring at these two that she uses for decoration. I looked them all over, seeing what they were missing, what they needed to be fixed, and then researching them online to see what I could do to fix them.

The older one, I never did get figured out.. >.> It’s bigger, and I think it needs something with the treadle.. But then, I was lazy and didn’t bother to pull it out completely.

The other one is an older model Ashford Traveller. It’s a single treadle and it creaks a lot because it hadn’t been taking care of in the best way.. Probably why my mom got it. Someone figured they couldn’t use it, and my mom picked it up for decoration. She had the flyer for both of them and after a little hunting as it got placed somewhere random, one bobbin.
There was some rust however in the flyer’s… tube? My terminology fails here. So I cleaned it up by using a little bit of sandpaper (and somewhere I read that on the metal after you use sandpaper you use a little bit of olive oil) and now the thing works like a charm.
Almost. It still squeaks. But, for someone who is learning and doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new one since she IS learning, it works great. Oh! And I made a driveband out of some crochet thread.. Why? Because I wanted to get it working WITHOUT having to wait on more parts to come in.

All that was left was getting some fiber.

That’s where etsy comes in. I ordered a bag of random mismatched “mostly mohair” fiber, because I WAS learning and I didn’t mind having a random bag to play with.. Though, when I’m more experienced, I’d love to have a straight colorway.. One day!

My yarn came out decent. Its going to take me a lot of practice. The strand I have took a lot of cursing and breaking and then I’d get some rhythm to it, and have to stop because I needed to draft again.

However, the yarn starts off as bulky, and ends up going to really thin.. I also chainplyed it as thats what I understand so far.. One day I’ll learn more!

I measured this hank though using a ruler.. so my measurements may be off… It was just slightly over 30 yards (I think 33 yards, but I kinda forgot) and I have no idea what I’m going to make with it. Lol.

I don’t know if you can see the different sizes in there, but I’m happy because it’s mine. Even if all I use it for is to hold it up and shake it in people’s faces.. It’s mine. lol.

Kyloth the Silver dragon… and a scrap octopus

Kyloth has been a long time working up in my head. Well, in the colors scheme at least. He’s made using scrap silver yarn and a G hook, then the wings are crochet size 10 thread and a size 7 hook. I then chained some of that leftover silver yarn and sewed it to the wings.. WEll, I chained, then I sc 2-3, then i chained again.. so that the silver strap is on both sides.
I really like how Kyloth came out.. I just wish the pictures showed it better.

Then I still had a tiny bit of silver yarn left over, so I made a little octopus out of it. Had to use some white yarn to finish the legs.. It also only has 6 legs as I wanted the silver and white to be even..

Anyway! Happy Crafting!

Baxter the Tiny Dragon

This is Baxter. He’s curious.

He can’t climb trees, even though he tries…

He’s also tiny.
I made him using a size 7 stainless steel hook and size 10 crochet thread.

He also has 6mm black safety eyes.

I really don’t have much more to say about him. I’m proud of how he came out, truthfully. I’m getting used to working with crochet thread, but man, the small hook kills my hands. Luckily, I’ve bulked mine out with fimo clay, so it’s a little better. In order to stuff him, I use a pencil. Somewhere I found this smooth pencil that doesnt seem rough at all from sharpening. I have no idea where it came from, but it’s great for stuffing fiberfil into a tiny dragon.
Another great thing to use is a dowel rod. You can find them at walmart, or craft stores, or probably even the hardware stores.

That’s all for now! I have a few more completed projects, but I need to take some better pictures of them first.