Feeling a little witchy…

Boil boil, toil and trouble.

Right, that didn’t rhyme, but this little witch can barely keep her hair out of her face, let along make sure the spell rhymes.

AH HA! There she is:

So, I didn’t make a pattern. Oops. But I did make her poseable. Inside her little crocheted body, I followed some of the stop motion tutorials I had found on how to make a wire skeleton…with a lot of mistakes in the beginning of trying to make the wire frame.. Her hair is yarn that I pulled apart to the single ply and sewn on, but I didn’t brush them out. I was going to, but couldn’t find any of my combs. Truthfully though, I love how it came out without brushing it, so I’m glad that I didn’t!

Anyway, I hope you all are doing great and prepping for the spookiest time of the year!


Hi guys!
I swear, I’ve been working on things. I did tell you I started my new job, right? It’s great. I love it. The people I work with are awesome. But… man, I get home and feel like a puddle of goo. It will pass, it IS passing, it’s just taking me some time to get acclimated to my schedule.

That being said, with halloween just around the corner, I wanted to share this really neat project I did.
First off, I started with a dollar tree “carvable” pumpkin. It was vibrant, fake orange. when I carved a section out, the inside proved to be stryofoam, STRAIGHT WHITE, and overall kinda disappointing looking. The stem was… fair… but not great. I have a before picture somewhere of my before on the stem, but I forgot where I placed it. Plus, the stem was stuck on by a small toothpick which actually shoved down into my cavern I wanted to use. Overall, I was wondering if I could really get the effect I wanted from this project.
Then, I started painting the pumpkin. Inside and OUT.

The small section you can see the vibrant fake orange coating, and you can see how I changed the pumpkin to give it a little more of a realistic look by using an acrylic orange paint called “carrot” and mixing in some small dabs of black into the crevices. I’m pretty impressed with it. (I also repainted the stem, but I totally forgot to save that picture to flickr.)

BUT WAIT! So, then I had these little spider rings that we picked up somewhere. So I snipped the ring part off and attached them to the pumpkin with a hot glue gun. I also reattached the stem this way since I broke off the overly large toothpick. I also painted the inside of the pumpkin pure black.

EVEN better, I had a small skeleton from this garland kit that I also picked up at the dollar tree. Even though he was a looot bigger than I really wanted for this project, I made it work by scrunching him up and getting him to “sit” inside the pumpkin. After a few attempts with my hot glue gun on a small silicon pad (I used the back of one of my silicon molds) I was able to get some fairly decent web-like creations. Which I wrapped the skeleton in, attached one to the pumpkin with a couple of more dabs of hot glue… and then another spider later I was set with my scene!

I really wanted to do better with this project, but realistically, with the small space inside and the items I had already acquired, I was super happy how it came out.

What about you all? Any halloween crafts you’ve been working on? How are you planning on decorating? Anyone else love this spooky time of year?

Politics, Take 2.

This man? THIS ORANGE MAN? What the hell?

FIRST OFF: He lives in his own world. Okay, we all do in a way. I like my world with my little crocheted creatures. BUT I still will admit that reality is reality and that sometimes, people MAKEMISTAKES and need to apologize. Not read a crap-ass apology while glaring at the camera and seething. His world… His world is Trump is god. You turn against trump and you are evil. Yet…

He’s sexually assaulted women.

and bragged about it.

and lied about it….

He “loves war”.

He ADMITTED to not paying his taxes for yeaaaaars.
Taxes that we all pay.. that goes to our vets, that goes to our healthcare, and our school system.
TAXES that HELP make this country run and make it great.
Then for him to go and say our country is a “disaster”
You know what makes it a “disaster”? Not being able to fund the things that “make it great again” (Yes, I am playing on his words. I think we have improvement to go through, but not that this country is a disaster.. or all that perfectly great either. We’re young, we’re learning. We’re getting there.)

THEN: In a TEEN BEAUTY PAGEANT Trump WALKED BACKSTAGE while these TEENAGERS were changing or naked.
First off: Invasion of PRIVACY.
Second off: What the hell? That’s borderline childpornography type crap!
At this point, I head desk.

Look, I don’t care if you find Hillary the best thing since sliced bread or someone barely tolerable. Do you REALLY think that she’s worse than this orange pig? Actually, that’s not fair to pigs everywhere. Sorry Piglet, Babe, and all the other pigs of the world. Seriously though, I know there are third party candidates. I doubt they’ll win. They don’t get enough press, they don’t have enough support. Instead, take a look in your heart. I know people dislike Hillary. But can you honestly say that Trump, this racist, sexist pervert should be the person who represents our country? I don’t think he should. I think we should shut him down and prove once and for all that we won’t stand for this crap. Voting third party just helps him in the long run.

Please, don’t think your vote doesn’t matter. That’s one of my biggest worries, truthfully. I’ve done it too, we all have. We look at a candidate and think “oh, the person I’d vote for will win/lose.. my vote doesn’t matter thaaaat much…” But seriously, when we become complacent or think that one vote doesn’t matter, it means we aren’t at least TRYING to cast our voice. It means that if I don’t vote for the candidate I believe would do a better job loses, then the only person I have to blame is myself. If I voted, at least I TRIED to say “look, this is what I believe!” I’m worried that if people don’t vote, Trump will win. I’m worried what will happen if he wins and becomes president, because I don’t think he’d change.

SO, that being said. If you can vote, go out and vote.

Even if you disagree with me and vote third party or think Trump will be a good president. I may disagree with you, but I respect your right to vote, I respect your freedom of speech as well.
Just like you should respect mine.

And… Now I will try to keep my opinions to myself for a little while. That is until something else makes me angry or upset with this craziness.

The Hundred Mark!

“Whatchya doing?”

“Making a banner….”


“Because The Dragon’s Cave reached over one hundred followers.”

“…We have a hundred people who KNOW about our little cave?”



During the past month (partly while I was without internet), I hit a major milestone on this blog. Somehow, over 100 people decided to follow it.
Thank you all for visiting my humble little piece of the internet! Honestly, I’m so amazed and grateful for you all.
Here’s to my followers, old and new, from all of us over here in the craft cave!

Onto more crafting!


Hey all!
So, I moved!
That left me with about TWO WEEKS with no internet (or minimal as I would borrow internet from Starbucks) until I got it installed here.
BUT I am officially moved even though I feel like 75% of my stuff is still in boxes.

THAT being said, I didn’t stop crafting. I’ve slowed down some, but I still was able to finish:
This eevee, Togetic, 4 octopi (2 are in one picture, and then I showed them again in the second picture), 3 tiny puff monsters, and 1 wyvern.

Anyway, now back to my challenge.. As sooon as I find my bag with gemini half done in it..

What about you all? Get any good crafting done in the last couple of weeks?

Baby Umbreon, Star appliques (or something?) and Heartless..

These last couple of weeks, I’ve been travelling a lot, but I was still able to whip these guys up!

First off, I made this baby Umbreon following the pattern from Aphid777 on Deviantart Any mistakes were mine and since I don’t really know what I’m doing with needlefelting.. The face seems a bit off to me.. but, I am happy with how it came out and would recommend her pattern. There were maybe only 2 spots where I had a hard time following, but as I was making most of the Umbreon in the car during a road trip… I’m not sure if it was just me not following right.
He was made using Canon one pound yarn in black and a gold color (I have now of course lost the labels.. lol)
He took me about 2-3 days (car rides and interruptions) to complete.

Next, because I had fun stabbing the little needle things into yarn.. I tried to make a cat.. It sorta looks like one?

I bought this book with tiny needle-felted animals. They have some tips and tricks in the beginning (which I totally half read..) and then the “patterns” are kinda just breaking the animals down into shapes.. I.. honestly wasn’t that impressed with the book. My guess is that if you knew more about needle-felting, the book would come in handy, but me knowing nothing made it hard for me to follow so instead, I improvised and goofed around.

Next is a heartless!
The Heartless took me a handful of hours to complete.

This was totally improvised. I used the same black yarn I did for Umbreon. He has some pipe cleaners twisted around in his antennae and in his arms.

Then I made a heart.. half-following (meaning I started and ended with the pattern but improvised much of the middle as I zoned out) this pattern from Little Yarn Tales
I have no idea what yarn I used as I had lost the label a while ago and it was just a random ball in my pile.

LASTLY! I was having fun with some crochet thread (size 10) and made 4 stars. The flower-looking rainbow star on the far right I improvised but then decided it didn’t look enough like a star, so I ended up using part of this pattern from Ahookamigurumi (The part being the star then I saved it in case I ever want to make Captain America shields.)

All of them used a size G hook, EXCEPT the stars where I used a size 7 crochet hook.

What have you all been up to this week?

Life update!

Hey all!
These last few weeks have been crazy.
I found a job and will be moving within the next month for said job. That means that things may quiet down here for a small bit of time as there’s lots to do before I move (like actually finding a place to live.) This really has cheered me and I’m hoping that means that I’ll be able to finish up all my zodiacs before the end of the year. (Also, how is it September already??)

I have probably… 60% of Gemini finished. They need legs/arms (I got half a leg done) and clothes. Hopefully you’ll like what I did with them.

Also, I want to get better at needle felting because I really wanna make this awesome Umbreon which the even more awesome Aphid777 was kind enough to share a pattern for. Seriously. You all should check her out She has an amazingly detailed Halloweentown Sora and she has shared patterns for ALL her Evee Evolutions. I’ve seen her work before as I stalked found her Skull kid and I honestly love the detail work she puts into them.

Lastly, there’s going to be a new baby in our family and I kinda wanna craft ALL THE THINGS!
What’s your favorite craft for babies?

Anyway, that’s about it. Happy crafting everyone!