Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Hi All!
This year, I’m challenging myself to creating the zodiac! Just a note: I’m using the dates from What’s your sign? As… I’m pretty oblivious about the zodiac dates, I do not know how accurate these are, but it was the signs I was more interested in than the actual dates, so there you go! I may also follow a few of the other zodiacs there and make some of those, but no promises!
To start off, Aquarius!

So, Aquarius is also known as the water bearer. It is usually represented by a man holding a jug of water.. or just that jug of water. However, I was watching Fairy Tail a bit ago (see half a year to a year ago.. and I never finished it.. I bad at watching some things) and they represented Aquarius as a mermaid. I thought this was a great idea! I wasn’t really sure though if I should have the mer-person be a female or a male… So I asked this random computer thing to pick for me and the bot chose male.

The other thing I did was I made little tags with the symbol on them of all the zodiac signs. I started with a 1x1in square on shrinky dink, drew my sign, punched a hole above the sign in the square and baked them all. For Aquarius, I crocheted him a little necklace to wear with the tag on it.

Then for good measure, I also made this jug of water:

And those little handles on it make it ideal for someone to hold it. Not that it really HAS to be held, but as I wanted to challenge myself, this was my challenge to myself.

SO! Do you want to make your own Aquarius? Or how about just a jug full of “water”?
Well, you’re in luck! I actually was writing what I was doing instead of crocheting BLINDLY like I tend to do.

What you will need:
1. Skin colored yarn (I used a thin-ish worsted weight. lost the label. Pretty sure it was Caron’s Simply Soft in an off-y yellowish color)
2. Greenish/blueish/brownish yarn in your color choice for the tail (I used a green one that was some red heart yarn I’m sure. It was slightly thicker than the skin colored one, but I’m trying to stashbust! Try to get them approximately the same weight)
3. Crochet hook (I always use a G when I use worsted weights. I like that it gives me tighter stitches)
4. Safety eyes (Mine were 8 or 9mm.)
5. Small amount of black embroidery floss (for mouth if you’d like to add one)
6. Small amount of yarn of your choice for hair (I used Holographic eyelash yarn from Yarn Bee in.. Diamond I believe. This means I just made a yarn cap and then fiddle a little and insta-hair!)
7. yarn needle (for sewing things together)
8. Possible small dowel rod for body support (I used one)
9. Possible pipe cleaners/chenille stems for arm support (I believe I did not use any)
10. Stitch marker or contrasting yarn segment so you can remember where the heck you are!

Ch – chain
sc – single crochet (US version)
Hdc – half double crochet (us version) – only a bit before the tail
dc – double crochet (US version) – only a bit before the tail
Dec – decrease or stitch two sc together.
Inc – increase or 2 sc in the same stitch.
Boggle stitch – this is.. well the way I do this is almost like a dc. I yarn over once, draw up a loop, pull the yarn through 2 stitches, yarn over, in the same stitch, draw up another loop, pull through 2 stitches.. I do this until I have about 6 loops on my hook then I pull through all of them. puffs out the area for the nose/thumbs.

NOTE: I made this to be continuous head to tail. You want to stuff as you go.
Head to tail:
1. Magic ring with 5 sc.
2. inc in every stitch (10 st)
3. inc, sc. Repeat this around (15)
4. Inc, 2 sc. Repeat this around (20)
5. Inc, 3 sc. Repeat this around (25)
6. Inc, 4 sc. Repeat around (30)
7-10. Sc around (30)
11. Sc around but in 1 st you want to use a boggle (5 st) for the nose (if you dont want the nose to puff out, don’t boggle and just sc around)
12. sc around (30)
13. Dec, 4 sc. Repeat around (25)
14. Dec, 3 sc. Repeat around (20)
15. Dec, 2 sc. Repeat around (15)

I place my eyes at this step. You want to place them a row or two above the stitch with the boggle. Then stuff somewhat firmly

16. Dec, sc. Repeat around (10)
17 – 18. sc around (10)

I stuffed a tiny bit more here, and then placed my dowel rod so that I had the support and I wasn’t trying to work around too much stuffing

19. Inc, sc. Repeat around (15)
20. Inc, 2 sc. Repeat around (20)
21. Inc, 3 sc. Repeat around (25)
22 – 28. Sc around (25)

(I accidentally dropped my stitch marker during this time so from here on out, I really cant tell you EXACTLY where I did things in a row… I did place a new stitch marker, so feel free to add or subtract rows from the body if you don’t think your body is long enough or too long)

29. 4 decreases in this round in total, 2 at each side. (21)
30. sc around but when you get to the three stitches in the middle front (align with boggle stitch): hdc, dc, hdc in those three to give a “v” like thing for the tail. You might also want to place those in the front loop and use the back loop for when you go back through with the green.. OR ignore this entirely if you don’t care for the little extra V of skin.

Change to green here:

31. sc around and dec 1. Where you have the hdcs and dc, you’re going to hdc behind them in the previous stitch (so if you placed the hdc and the dc in the front loops, you can use the back loops for these 3 hdcs) (20)
32 2 dec on either side, sc in between and make sure when you hit that doubled stitch to grab the skin colored yarn as well as the green tail yarn. (18)

Here you are going to sc and decrease on the sides of the tail to give it more of tail look:

33. sc and dec (2 total) on the sides (one per side.) (16)
34. sc around (16)
35. sc and dec (2 total) on the sides (one per side) (14)
36 – 37. Sc around (14)

The next decreases will be placed randomly so they dont pull so much towards that decrease. The previous ones were fine since you did want it to sort of look like the tail thinning out on the sides.

38. Place a decrease wherever you’d like (13)
39. Sc around (13)
40. Dec 1 placed randomly (12)
41. Sc around
42. 1 Decrease placed randomly (11)
43. Sc around
44. 1 Dec whereever (10)
45. 1 dec. (9)
46. 1 dec (8)
47. Dec 1 randomly (7)
48. Dec 1 randomly (6)
49. Dec 1 randomly (5)

Ears/Fins: blonde/skin tone of your choice: (x2)
1. 5sc in magic ring, ch 1 and turn.
2. ch3, 4 dc in 1st stitch, ch 1 and skip the next stitch, 3 hdc in next stitch. T.O. here. (Yes, I know I did not finish the row. I liked the finny look to it.)

I sewed the finny ears to either side of the head about at the approximate level as the boggle stitch.

Fins at the end of the tail: green (x2)
1. ch 6
2. In second chain from the hook: sc, then 4 more sc along chain (5) Ch. 1 and turn.
3. 3 sc then dec. Ch 1 and turn (4)
4. dec, 2 sc. Ch 1 and turn (3)
5. 1 sc, dec. Ch 1 and turn (2)
6. dec, ch1, and slip st down the side with the decreases.

These I sewed on either side of the bottom part of the tail so the triangle part when down to give it a finny look.

Hair: your choice in how you make it. I made a wig cap with holographic eyelash yarn from yarn bee. For a wig cap, go to the head, follow steps 1 – 5/6. I keep trying on my wig cap as I go and then I sc some to give it a bit of a different look.

Arms: (x2)
1. Magic ring with 5 sc
2. inc, 2 sc, inc, sc. (7)
3. sc around
4. Sc around with a boggle placed (I did 4 stitches in the boggle) (7) This boggle will be your thumb. Ifyou don’t want a thumb, don’t boggle. XD
5. sc around
6. Inc, sc the rest of the way around (8)
7-8. Sc around (8)
9. Inc, sc the rest of the way around (9)
10-12. sc around (9)
13. Inc, sc the rest of the way around (10)
14 – 16. Sc around (10)

Sew the arms to either side of the body, hide your ends and embroider a mouth under the boggle stitch.
AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Aquarius the Merman!

However, if you want your Aquarius to have his own jug or if you want to make a jug of water:

1. Small amount of brownish yarn
2. Even smaller amount of blue yarn.
3. Stitch marker
4. Yarn needle for finishing

The jug is worked from the bottom up, it is left “open” so you can sew the tiny bit of blue in there. I did stuff mine before I sewed the blue in it to give it some shape.

Jug: In brown or color of your choice.
1. Magic ring with 5sc.
2. inc in every stitch (10)
3. Inc, sc. repeat this around (15)
4. Inc, 2 sc. Repeat around (20)
5-9. Sc around (20)
10. Dec, 2 sc. Repeat around (15)
11. Dec, sc. Repeat around (10)
12. Sc around (10)
13. Inc, sc. Repeat around (15)

For the handles:
sl st somewhere along the side, ch4, sc into the 4th stitch from where you sl stitched. T.O. Repeat on opposite side.

Water part:
1. Magic ring with 5 sc
2. Inc around (10)
Sew this inside the jug to give the appearance of water.

Note: Please do not sell this pattern. You may sell items made from it, as long as you credit where the pattern came from (aka here) 

Also, I’d love to see any Aquarius mermen you all make (or jugs of water) so please share pictures.


Happy Birthday to my Aquarius friends.


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