Week 10: Scarves

So, I’m rather late this time.
I really didn’t crochet much either, or do much with crafts. School.. Blah. let’s just put it like that, shall we? 😛 We have a licensing test coming up soon, so I’ve spent the majority of my evenings sitting in our sim clinic practicing.

But I did make two scarves.
One used this yarn, Bernat Boa, that I picked up on clearance.

The color is called Parrot. It’s really soft and has nice shades of purple and black in it. The entire thing worked up in double crochet, and I really didn’t put that many rows into it.

The other one is a pattern I found online. Lover’s Knot Scarf is pretty cool. But where she used 31 in her original chain, I cut it down to 16. And I had to frog it a few times before I finally got it looking right. But I like the look of it, and I used another funky yarn for it, Loops and Threads Glamourous. It has three differnet strands in it, a metalic, a fuzzyish one, and a solid black. But I do like the look of it when it was finished. The colorway of this one was Starry Night.

But yeah, that’s really all I did. Both of them are neat looking and I’m rather happy with them, even though in the begining I was more apprehensive.
(do ignore the dates on the pictures. I was lazy and didn’t reset my camera dates around. They were made this week and the pictures were taken today.)

By the by, it’s National Craft/Crochet Month so get out there and get crafting! XD



I’ve always had a goal to try to post at least once a week here. That means having something to show at least once a week. I don’t always post when I finish a craft, as I forget or I don’t upload the picture… I’m kinda bad at keeping up with myself. (and I’m bad at remembering to take pictures and to document exactly what I’ve been doing)

Anyway, I was looking at something and then after jumping around a bit, I landed at Mad Crochet Lab and I was looking at the experiments and just kinda flipping through randomly and I saw the term “Yarndango.”
Being curious, I tried to figure out what it was. I then did a google search and found where it was first mentioned. Yarndango was first created two years ago (give or take) and was what I was looking for. A (self) challenge to create something every week… Granted, hers was for a pattern every week, I’m just happy making something, pattern or no.

So, starting In January, I wanna create something to post for every week. Kind of last minute, I know, but feel free to join in. My goal will be to post on Saturday whatever I’ve done that week (including WIPs – just to show that I AM working on something)

Also, I will be trying to tie these projects into the other crochet challenges that I like to do (which you can find here on Ravelry and I’ll try to say here if I change around what group my challenge is for.

To wrap up the year, here’s what I finished this month…

I made these little snowflakes for everyone in my clinic out of perler beads. I already gave them out as Christmas gifts/decorations for the clinic.

I was working on this shawl since before thanksgiving and I finished it off.. I may add a few more rows to it. The pattern came from Undeniable Glitter
She stated hers had 23 petals (thus rows) but mine of right now has 35.. and like I said, I may add more, but it is finished as of now.. I just dont like the length of it. I used about 4 skeins of Yarn Bee Soft Secret yarn in grey scale.. with a size J hook. I’m making another one for my mother (in blues) and I have a bigger hook (an N) and more skeins. Its a gorgeous pattern and I do have to say that the crocodile stitch makes it reallly heavy.

This cat toy I made a basic ball with leftover yarn (hence it changed color in the middle, but i figured my baby wouldn’t care) and I shoved craft feathers into one end and used a hot glue gun on the inside to hold them. I also wrapped the ribbon around the feathers and pulled both ends of the ribbon out before I attached the bells. She.. kinda likes it. Cats.

So, my neighbor back home sent over these knitting looms from one of her friends. I’ve never tried them before, (or, well not since I was little) and I took them all with me and grabbed the smallest and went “hmm..” It had a pattern in the bag of how to use it, and I started. Except that when I finished it, I didn’t have the pattern as I left it in my apartment and brought the unfinished scarf with me to my parents house for the holidays. I kinda just winged finishing it after watching a few youtube videos on how to finish.. but it’s probably not right. Doesn’t matter though as it works. XD

I finished this lacy scarf.

The picture isn’t the best, and it doesnt really do it justice, but I loved the fabric with the little skulls on it. I got this “yarn” about a year ago during a sale. (I pick up lots of yarns during sales) and its neat. Since I tend to lose my labels when I’m working up projects, I totally forgot the name of this. But upon googling a litttttttle and a little luck, I found out what it is!
Red Heart Boutique Sassy Fabric.
It looks like this when you start pulling it out:

and those little holes in it are great for sticking a hook through and crocheting like you would any of the lacy yarns.

Lastly, I don’t have a picture, but those scale mail gloves I was working on, I finally finished the second one. >.>

I hope you all have a great New Year with new challenges ahead. XD

Glow in the dark yarn, Kodama, and WIP.

I don’t know how many of you saw Hodge Podge Crochet’s post about Glow in the Dark yarn, but I was super excited when I read it. I’ve been looking for Glow in the Dark yarn for a while, ever since I saw a pattern for Kodama (Okay, maybe I didn’t look THAT hard for Glow in the Dark yarn… but you know, I do look for it from time to time when I think about it)

Needless to say, this seemed like an awesome and simple solution to my problem of too much yarn (well, there’s really NO such thing as too much yarn.. but I do wanna cut down on my yarn stash a bit) and not wanting to order something online that I hadn’t touched with my own fingers first. (I have thing about textures… even if it’s just going into an ami..)

So, what I did was put a little (a couple of squirts) of glow in the dark paint (Which I already had…) into a tub with a whole lot of water and mixed it with a tongue depressor (popsickle stick? whatever the word is) until it looked like a liquid ilk. Then I dumped the yarn into that and let it soak and swished it around for a bit..

Ms. Tanya Naser (HodgePodge Crochet) wrote that she didn’t hang hers to drip dry, but as I didn’t mind if it was different looking throughout, I stuck with hanging it, rotating it randomly throughout the day when I thought about it. (I am in no way great at watching the time and measuring exactly when things were done and when I did things.)

I then didn’t roll it into a ball for about a week, as I was lazy and kept touching it debating if I wanted to add in more paint mess to it.. I decided not to, cause I am lazy… and I didn’t rinse the yarn again. >.>

A little bit about kodama: It is a japanese tree spirit, sorta like a dryad but looks nothing like a dryad. I fell in love with the idea of them though in the movie Princess Mononoke. I just loved these little spirits and the way they looked and the little bobbly head noise thing. 😛

I also didn’t look up the kodama pattern until I came to post this, so my kodama doesn’t follow her pattern.

ANYWAY: Here you are, Kodama with homemade glow in the dark painted yarn:

(Yes those are weeds around the desert rose root, but it made it kinda look forest like so I left them for the picture.. I may be behind on my gardening)

Also, I’m in the middle of making a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. Hence it’s been a little quiet from me as I’ve been trying to figure it all out.

Lastly, I finished a scarf:

Happy crafting!

Little Yellow Duck

Hey guys,
I don’t know how many of you know about The Little Yellow Duck project. It’s well worthwhile, and it brings happiness in the world to others. In one way or another.

Well, this past weekend, I finished two ducks (my pattern.. cause I roll like that) and we left one, Howard, out for people to find. The second one is still with me, as we didn’t find a spot we wanted to leave him.

Anyway, this is Howard, and I hope his new home loves him much.

Then this is the one we haven’t left out yet, his name is Sheldon (My ducks maaaaaaaaay have been named after characters in the Big Bang Theory. I don’t regret this.)

Lastly, I made a lacey scarf. I was feeling rather like I’ve been slacking on things I’m making, so I finished this.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a great week. Happy crafting!

In which I am a terrible blogger.

I’ve had this post planned in my head for days.
but I kept telling myself I was going to write it up “tomorrow.” Then this “tomorrow” would become “today” and then I’d be like “eh.. I’m tired. I had clinic and studying.. It can wait another day.”

It’s not even like it takes as much effort as some of my other posts! I already had the pictures uploaded, I already knew what I wanted to talk about, and I was really excited to show everyone my work, but then I just didn’t feel like typing up a post.
Which makes no sense as I type all the time. And I talk to people via chat program and what not, which is MORE typing and talking.. So why was this so hard to do this week? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anyways, remember that yarn I was talking about my mom bought? I made a scarf with it! (I actually found another skein of it in this bag of yarn she gave me. I don’t know what I’m going to do with a second skein!)

So, Wild Stuff comes looking something like this (I might have started poking at it and got it out of its super pretty state.. but its not tangled!)

And like I mentioned before, its all different sorts of yarns in a skein. All different textures and what not, but they are generally a theme. This one is called Orient Express (I apparently had two half skeins of this.. I used one.. This is the other one)

And once I got the OTHER skein untangled it looked like this:

I really like how it came out. Even when I hated untangling it, and I grumbled about some of the yarns, and well, lots of little things during this project. I’ve actually just been rather grumbly in general.. but yeah.

Eh.. I kinda want to talk about dental stuff here.. well, board stuff.. because then it’d be a place to hold myself accountable.. but I doubt anyone really cares about it.

Triforce Hat and a Lacey Scarf

So, I totally forgot I didn’t post my hat picture. Remember last time when I mentioned I started working on a hat for me, but I didn’t finish it… well, I did!

The picture is bad cause I cannot take pictures of myself and there is one little yarn piece dangling down cause I was super excited about the hat, I hadn’t finished tucking in ends (I have now, but i didn’t THEN.)

I cannot take credit for this design at all. The amazing ladies at Lattes and Llamas are doing a geek-a-long. They are making a blanket and at the end of the year, they are donating their blanket to Child’s Play. This is awesome of them, but as I don’t knit and any project that has to be pieced together and all the ends perfectly hidden tends to… fall flat for me and sit in the corner never to be finished, I just ooggle their blanket as it comes along. But I did see their triforce square and I honestly tried to learn knitting just for that. That.. uh.. kinda fell flat again too… as I have a hard time just doing a knit stitch and purl just seems like magic to me. I thought about just crocheting it, but what would I do with a random trifoce square? (beyond run around my house like a dork and wave it above my head all the time that is) So instead I stared at it, and stared, and stared… until I finally was like “OH! I’ll make a hat!!”

And thus it was born. Thank you ladies! I had a fun time using your pattern, even though I twisted it.

I will admit… I still have a lot of loose ends hanging in the inside that I just knotted because I was being lazy. >.> but it’s for me, and it is the inside, so it will do.

The other thing I did was make a lacey scarf.

I don’t know if any of you have seen this yarn in the stores:

It’s called a sashay yarn, this particular color I got at walmart at the clearance aisle.. the label just says “1959 twist sash E782” no actual brand… but anyway,when you start pulling the end apart it looks like this

Well, I had a grey one with little bobbles on it (that’s what I call them.. don’t ask me!) that I picked up forever ago, realized everything I tried to crochet with it looked weird, and shoved in my drawer to play with later. Well, I finally figured out how to do a basssssssic crochet stitch with it, giving it that lacey look. I thus made a grey string of it (I called this grey string a scarf and then gave it away as I had no idea what to do with it.. I dont really wear scarves. It doesn’t get THAT cold here guys!) So when I still had some grey left, I decided to make another scarf out of it. that ended before I reached the end of my row (in 1 sc after the foundation row) so I put it aside and went eventually I’ll get some more to finish it.. I then picked up that blue varigated one from walmart the other day, and did another couple of rows to finish it. I’m super happy with how it came out, and no, I won’t be giving away this one.

I still have a lot of it left though. Don’t be surprised if you see some projects with that used in it sporadically!

Happy crafting and keep your smile on. XD