Glow in the dark yarn, Kodama, and WIP.

I don’t know how many of you saw Hodge Podge Crochet’s post about Glow in the Dark yarn, but I was super excited when I read it. I’ve been looking for Glow in the Dark yarn for a while, ever since I saw a pattern for Kodama (Okay, maybe I didn’t look THAT hard for Glow in the Dark yarn… but you know, I do look for it from time to time when I think about it)

Needless to say, this seemed like an awesome and simple solution to my problem of too much yarn (well, there’s really NO such thing as too much yarn.. but I do wanna cut down on my yarn stash a bit) and not wanting to order something online that I hadn’t touched with my own fingers first. (I have thing about textures… even if it’s just going into an ami..)

So, what I did was put a little (a couple of squirts) of glow in the dark paint (Which I already had…) into a tub with a whole lot of water and mixed it with a tongue depressor (popsickle stick? whatever the word is) until it looked like a liquid ilk. Then I dumped the yarn into that and let it soak and swished it around for a bit..

Ms. Tanya Naser (HodgePodge Crochet) wrote that she didn’t hang hers to drip dry, but as I didn’t mind if it was different looking throughout, I stuck with hanging it, rotating it randomly throughout the day when I thought about it. (I am in no way great at watching the time and measuring exactly when things were done and when I did things.)

I then didn’t roll it into a ball for about a week, as I was lazy and kept touching it debating if I wanted to add in more paint mess to it.. I decided not to, cause I am lazy… and I didn’t rinse the yarn again. >.>

A little bit about kodama: It is a japanese tree spirit, sorta like a dryad but looks nothing like a dryad. I fell in love with the idea of them though in the movie Princess Mononoke. I just loved these little spirits and the way they looked and the little bobbly head noise thing. 😛

I also didn’t look up the kodama pattern until I came to post this, so my kodama doesn’t follow her pattern.

ANYWAY: Here you are, Kodama with homemade glow in the dark painted yarn:

(Yes those are weeds around the desert rose root, but it made it kinda look forest like so I left them for the picture.. I may be behind on my gardening)

Also, I’m in the middle of making a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. Hence it’s been a little quiet from me as I’ve been trying to figure it all out.

Lastly, I finished a scarf:

Happy crafting!