Hi guys!
I swear, I’ve been working on things. I did tell you I started my new job, right? It’s great. I love it. The people I work with are awesome. But… man, I get home and feel like a puddle of goo. It will pass, it IS passing, it’s just taking me some time to get acclimated to my schedule.

That being said, with halloween just around the corner, I wanted to share this really neat project I did.
First off, I started with a dollar tree “carvable” pumpkin. It was vibrant, fake orange. when I carved a section out, the inside proved to be stryofoam, STRAIGHT WHITE, and overall kinda disappointing looking. The stem was… fair… but not great. I have a before picture somewhere of my before on the stem, but I forgot where I placed it. Plus, the stem was stuck on by a small toothpick which actually shoved down into my cavern I wanted to use. Overall, I was wondering if I could really get the effect I wanted from this project.
Then, I started painting the pumpkin. Inside and OUT.

The small section you can see the vibrant fake orange coating, and you can see how I changed the pumpkin to give it a little more of a realistic look by using an acrylic orange paint called “carrot” and mixing in some small dabs of black into the crevices. I’m pretty impressed with it. (I also repainted the stem, but I totally forgot to save that picture to flickr.)

BUT WAIT! So, then I had these little spider rings that we picked up somewhere. So I snipped the ring part off and attached them to the pumpkin with a hot glue gun. I also reattached the stem this way since I broke off the overly large toothpick. I also painted the inside of the pumpkin pure black.

EVEN better, I had a small skeleton from this garland kit that I also picked up at the dollar tree. Even though he was a looot bigger than I really wanted for this project, I made it work by scrunching him up and getting him to “sit” inside the pumpkin. After a few attempts with my hot glue gun on a small silicon pad (I used the back of one of my silicon molds) I was able to get some fairly decent web-like creations. Which I wrapped the skeleton in, attached one to the pumpkin with a couple of more dabs of hot glue… and then another spider later I was set with my scene!

I really wanted to do better with this project, but realistically, with the small space inside and the items I had already acquired, I was super happy how it came out.

What about you all? Any halloween crafts you’ve been working on? How are you planning on decorating? Anyone else love this spooky time of year?


9 thoughts on “Spoooooookkkkyyy…

  1. How spooky! I love the idea of a diorama inside a pumpkin.
    I haven’t worked on anything so far. . . but I’d like to make a small Halloween photo space for my dolls this year. We’ll see if I can get to it next week!

    • I’ve seen them done before, and I was obsessed. so, I wanted to do one. The thing with the dollarstore’s funkin was that its soooo small inside that you really gotta make half your own stuff if you want it to fit in there. and I don’t plan very well.. sooo.. it kinda justwas me seeing what I could do. XD
      A photospace would be awesome! What are you thinking of doing for the photospace? What type of dolls do you have?

      • It turned out really well despite being so small! Even the skeleton looks relaxed rather than squashed. Spooky though it is, it also looks a little cozy in there!

        I’m not sure yet. At this point I’d like to make a photospace that I can redecorate for each holiday, rather than something more permanent. So something simple, with movable platforms that I can drape with fabric and add accessories that fit the theme. The main question is, should I go with a Halloween party theme, a spooky graveyard scene, a pumpkin patch, or. . . ?

        I have three BJDs! One is large, 1/3 scale, and the other two are tiny (in the 1/12th range) but as they are fairies I think they will fit into the photospace just fine.

        • Thanks!

          That’s really awesome idea! I keep playing with that idea myself for my pictures of my crochet creatures… with lots of fail cause I get distracted as I run around to do something else. I swear, I have some mild ADD. I’d go with.. I really like the idea of a spooky graveyard scene, but if they are fairies, maybe a pumpkin patch or a halloween party would be more appropriate.

          Wow! I can’t believe you have 3 of them! (Well, I CAN, but that’s still awesome!) I haven’t officially gotten into BJDs yet (beyond loving all the little crafts for them and pinning random things and going “I’m gonna use this one day”) mainly because they are sooo expensive. Do you make lots of things for them?

          • You’re welcome!

            Ooh, you should definitely do a photospace for you crochet creatures! I know what you mean about ADD, I’ve been meaning to do a photospace for like. . . three years? :/
            I like the spooky graveyard idea too, but as I just decided on their costumes – the White Queen for my big girl, and Chess Pawns for the fairies! So maybe I’ll go with a chess-related scene, or royal-Halloween-ish. Or party. Party always works!

            Yay, we can be BJD buddies! What BJDs do you like?
            I spent a long time admiring them from afar because I thought they were so expensive – and my SD was expensive, it’s true, but the 1/12 girls are Jun Planning Ai dolls. They are more reasonable, less than $100 each! If you live in the US and have a Tuesday Morning near you, they sometimes pop up there. And you can find them online too, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

            I want to make a lot of things for them, but recently I haven’t had all that much time. So lately I’ve been buying lots of little accessories – mini baskets and such – to scratch that itch. I think I have a bit of free time coming up, so I’ll be able to get out all the craft supplies soon though!

            (Gosh, sorry for the super-long comment! Just got a bit excited there, haha.)

          • XD I had a small lightbox.. that looked REALLY BAD from the outside, but made my pictures look great. But then I moved. Andmoved again. ๐Ÿ˜› and planning on moving one more time. (By the way, I HATE moving.)

            That sounds really cool. I hope you share pictures of them when you dress them up and get the scene all set!

            Honestly, I don’t know much about them. I start looking at them online, get swamped by the variety and the prices, and usually back out before I get too in depth about the different types. lol. One day I’ll know more! I just know I see pictures of all these pretty things and go “wow”
            The one thing I love is this tutorial though about how to do a bow and arrow and quiver. One day, I will get one… and one day I will make that archery set. I do have some monster high dolls, but.. I wouldnt really consider them bjds though, but I love that they can be posed and I think of them as my cheaper version until I decide to splurge. lol. I’ll have to check to see about Tuesday Morning. I think we have some here, but I’m not 100% sure.

            And that always works! I buy lots of little things for my ideas, and then I usually put them aside as I get distracted. XD That’ll be awesome though when you can get out your craft supplies so you can work on things. Again, I’d love to see pictures.
            Never be sorry for a super long comment. XD I like discussions and it’s always great to be excited! if you wanna continue the conversation anytime, my email is enchantedskies88 (AT) gmail.com.

          • Oh, cool! Did you make your lightbox yourself?

            I’m planning to post about it when they’re done! They’ll be on my doll blog: amidnightsonata.wordpress.com Just gotta find some time to do it!

            Thanks for sharing, that’s such an awesome tutorial! Ah, now I wanna make some bows and arrows too~
            I don’t have any Monster High dolls, but lately I’ve been eyeing the Ever After High line. I don’t know if they’re as poseable as the MH dolls, but I like their designs better. Though I did see a repainted Vampirella (I think?) on YouTube who was gorgeous, and now I kinda want to repaint one too. So many projects, so little time. . . ! ><

          • I did, actually. I took a cardboard box, and some tissue paper and a white flexible cardboard thing to make it. First, I cut out 3 sides in a square of the box so they were open. Next, I taped the white tissue paper to those three open sides. Then I put the cardboard so it would be curvy along the back and give the illusion of no curves. XD
            oo! Cool! I’ll go check that out.
            Of course! I totally found it amazing and I keep thinking I’m going to make them for my crochet guys, but I haven’t done it yet cause I get distracted with other things. lol.
            The Ever After High dolls are pretty much the same as the monster high ones… at least in the build. So, they bend at the wrists, the elbows, the shoulders, and the um.. hip and knee I think. I think I just like the monster-aspect of the monster high dolls cause to me, its amusing to see who is the daughter/son of who (same with the ever after high as well, but with monster high I can sorta guess)
            Some of the repaints are gorgeous, I wish I had more drawing/painting talent. XD I know what you mean about too many projects, too little time. I swear, I start something then get distracted and put it down all the time. lol. One day! I’ll finish EVERYTHING! lol

          • Oh, that sounds pretty easy to make! I saw some tutorials before that were kind of intimidating, they were so complicated. Maybe I’ll give that a try!

            Oh, you totally should! That would be so cute!

            That’s a lot of articulation for a fashion doll! It’s amazing they’re able to do that much while still making them relatively attractive. I had an articulated Barbie as a child, and she was my favorite (because POSING) but, sadly, her joints were ugly.

            They really are! I especially like Nicholle’s Dreams repaints, they look so soft and lifelike. She’s really inspiring~

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