Politics, Take 2.

This man? THIS ORANGE MAN? What the hell?

FIRST OFF: He lives in his own world. Okay, we all do in a way. I like my world with my little crocheted creatures. BUT I still will admit that reality is reality and that sometimes, people MAKEMISTAKES and need to apologize. Not read a crap-ass apology while glaring at the camera and seething. His world… His world is Trump is god. You turn against trump and you are evil. Yet…

He’s sexually assaulted women.

and bragged about it.

and lied about it….

He “loves war”.

He ADMITTED to not paying his taxes for yeaaaaars.
Taxes that we all pay.. that goes to our vets, that goes to our healthcare, and our school system.
TAXES that HELP make this country run and make it great.
Then for him to go and say our country is a “disaster”
You know what makes it a “disaster”? Not being able to fund the things that “make it great again” (Yes, I am playing on his words. I think we have improvement to go through, but not that this country is a disaster.. or all that perfectly great either. We’re young, we’re learning. We’re getting there.)

THEN: In a TEEN BEAUTY PAGEANT Trump WALKED BACKSTAGE while these TEENAGERS were changing or naked.
First off: Invasion of PRIVACY.
Second off: What the hell? That’s borderline childpornography type crap!
At this point, I head desk.

Look, I don’t care if you find Hillary the best thing since sliced bread or someone barely tolerable. Do you REALLY think that she’s worse than this orange pig? Actually, that’s not fair to pigs everywhere. Sorry Piglet, Babe, and all the other pigs of the world. Seriously though, I know there are third party candidates. I doubt they’ll win. They don’t get enough press, they don’t have enough support. Instead, take a look in your heart. I know people dislike Hillary. But can you honestly say that Trump, this racist, sexist pervert should be the person who represents our country? I don’t think he should. I think we should shut him down and prove once and for all that we won’t stand for this crap. Voting third party just helps him in the long run.

Please, don’t think your vote doesn’t matter. That’s one of my biggest worries, truthfully. I’ve done it too, we all have. We look at a candidate and think “oh, the person I’d vote for will win/lose.. my vote doesn’t matter thaaaat much…” But seriously, when we become complacent or think that one vote doesn’t matter, it means we aren’t at least TRYING to cast our voice. It means that if I don’t vote for the candidate I believe would do a better job loses, then the only person I have to blame is myself. If I voted, at least I TRIED to say “look, this is what I believe!” I’m worried that if people don’t vote, Trump will win. I’m worried what will happen if he wins and becomes president, because I don’t think he’d change.

SO, that being said. If you can vote, go out and vote.

Even if you disagree with me and vote third party or think Trump will be a good president. I may disagree with you, but I respect your right to vote, I respect your freedom of speech as well.
Just like you should respect mine.

And… Now I will try to keep my opinions to myself for a little while. That is until something else makes me angry or upset with this craziness.


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