Life update!

Hey all!
These last few weeks have been crazy.
I found a job and will be moving within the next month for said job. That means that things may quiet down here for a small bit of time as there’s lots to do before I move (like actually finding a place to live.) This really has cheered me and I’m hoping that means that I’ll be able to finish up all my zodiacs before the end of the year. (Also, how is it September already??)

I have probably… 60% of Gemini finished. They need legs/arms (I got half a leg done) and clothes. Hopefully you’ll like what I did with them.

Also, I want to get better at needle felting because I really wanna make this awesome Umbreon which the even more awesome Aphid777 was kind enough to share a pattern for. Seriously. You all should check her out She has an amazingly detailed Halloweentown Sora and she has shared patterns for ALL her Evee Evolutions. I’ve seen her work before as I stalked found her Skull kid and I honestly love the detail work she puts into them.

Lastly, there’s going to be a new baby in our family and I kinda wanna craft ALL THE THINGS!
What’s your favorite craft for babies?

Anyway, that’s about it. Happy crafting everyone!


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