Stop Motion..

I don’t know how many of you all know about Stop Motion Animation.. Honestly, before this week, I knew it took a picture and generally involved clay or an object moving fractionally. I knew movies like the Wallace and Gromit ones, Coraline, and Nightmare Before Christmas employed it. And I knew I was fascinated.

Honestly, I love to rewatch Corpse Bride, or Coraline, or any of these movies and I just stare in amazement at the way it all comes together.

Well, after some extensive research… On way more than I’d ever need to know.. I tried my had at making one… or three. They’re choppy, with the longest being only 10 seconds long (though, it probably should have been shorter, but, I didn’t like how fast it seemed before)

The first one, I used my digital camera that I love so much and windows movie maker…

Anyway, have a gander.

This next one came out a little blurrier than I’d like. I was trying a different program in the hopes I could get my camera connected to my computer with onion skinning.. with no luck. But the program allowed me to set the frames per second, so I decided to play with it for the next couple of videos

I’m also learning my camera better, and trying out the manual mode.. This led into a lot of research (that I need to review as my head starts spinning a bit) on the different settings. One day! I swear! lol.

The one thing that this did was it made me appreciate even more all the work that goes into any stop motion animation movie. And get me excited to see Kubo.


4 thoughts on “Stop Motion..

  1. Those are great! I don’t think I’d have the patience to do anything like that, but I used to set up our old family camcorder (You know the ones you had to lug on your shoulder) every once in a while to where I could make it look like something had disappeared or changed in an instant.

    • Thanks! I’m sure you could. I don’t move them nearly as sloooowly as I should and I definitely don’t take as nearly as many photos as I should. lol. That sounds awesome though! I was never good with camcorders. My camera abilities are like watching Blair Witch… Lots of shaking, lots of ground shots.. and never steady enough to know what was going on.

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