One of my favorite things lately are crochet cacti and succulents. I just find them fascinating. Like my last post, these pictures were taken at Flamingo Gardens.

The little pots I was able to pick up at the craft store. All the plants (except the dark green one in the ceramic pot) were made with a size 7 hook and crochet thread. The dark green one is embroidery thread and that same size 7 hook.

This guy I made by ch 18-20. sc all the way down, ch 1 and turning. 2 sc, then ch 15-16, sc all the way down again.. and I kept repeating over and over until I got the desired effect. I wrapped it in a circle, sewed it all together, and then used some superglue to keep it in the pot.

I do have to say my favorite is the prickly pear. The coral cactus (I think thats what it is?) I made by using the same method I did for underwater coral. The dark green I followed a similar method as I did for the plant above, but instead of rolling it into a circle, I folded it a few times. The last two, I didn’t really write down what I did.. Oops.

Even Nveryll approves of the fake plants.

I hope you are all doing well! Happy crafting.


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