I make a lot of dragons.

No.. Really. I make a LOT of dragons.

Still, I love making them as each one comes out unique and I love experimenting with faces.
Anyway, Meet Nveryll.

I love how these pictures came out, truthfully. My mom, some of my crochet, and I visited Flamingo Gardens over the last weekend. Flamingo Gardens is a 60 acre botanical gardens and animal sanctuary stationed in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It is home to a few cougars, a lot of birds of prey, and others. From my understanding, they try to rehabilitate and release where they can, but in some cases the animals are either too hurt or too used to humans for them to be able to. Its really beautiful, as long as you don’t mind sharing the pathways in the front 10 acres with the resident Peacocks and cats that roam around. Oh. And if you go early enough, watch your heads for the peacocks tend to sleep in all the trees surrounding the big banyan. Honestly, if you have a chance you should go check it out. One of the most crowded areas for birds however, was the Flamingo Lake. Nveryll loved taking these pictures with the flamingos!


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