Dust Bunnies!

Hey all! I don’t know how much you all like fuzzy yarn, but every since I’ve gotten the hang of it with my puff balls, I love using it. Granted, I usually make puff balls… which, I have a lot of floating around…. So, I decided to try something different.

The yarn is Lion brand pelt in Red Fox and Blue Mink. I used a G hook still, but the yarn itself calls for an N. Mainly, I like to use a smaller hook because it gives me tighter stitches.
The basics? I nearly followed my octopus pattern to a T except that instead of making 8 legs, I made 2 and I flipped the bunnies upside down so that the legs were actually ears.

Anyway, I really like the look of these guys and the pelt yarn is a bit hard to see, especially the blue mink due to the dark blue and the black. Still, I love how it came out. There will probably be more dust bunnies in the future as I liked them so much.


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