Kyloth the Silver dragon… and a scrap octopus

Kyloth has been a long time working up in my head. Well, in the colors scheme at least. He’s made using scrap silver yarn and a G hook, then the wings are crochet size 10 thread and a size 7 hook. I then chained some of that leftover silver yarn and sewed it to the wings.. WEll, I chained, then I sc 2-3, then i chained again.. so that the silver strap is on both sides.
I really like how Kyloth came out.. I just wish the pictures showed it better.

Then I still had a tiny bit of silver yarn left over, so I made a little octopus out of it. Had to use some white yarn to finish the legs.. It also only has 6 legs as I wanted the silver and white to be even..

Anyway! Happy Crafting!


5 thoughts on “Kyloth the Silver dragon… and a scrap octopus

  1. Aww, that is really really cute.

    Whenever I make an octopus with fewer than 8 legs I tell everyone he/she lost the missing number of legs in battle. (I, too run out of yarn or forget to count the legs before casting off.)

    • Thanks!

      That’s a great story! I’m totally going to steal that. XD Usually though, I don’t worry about it.. Its just in his case I feel its a little more obvious due to the color change.

      • I was caught by a little girl at a craft show when I tried to sell a 7-legged octopus and she figured it out right away. So I had to make up a story fast and that was the first thing that came to my mind … it seemed so obvious. 😀

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