In which I talk politics…

Look guys, there is in NO SENSE of the word that I am qualified to talk about this. BUT, I have a blog, so therefore I can talk about what I want. 😛

Honestly though, I’m not going to tell you who to vote for. I do care, but I want you to listen to what the nominees TRULY have to say and make up your mind for yourself.

That being said, what I want to address is this:
During the RNC, I was disgusted. I was so disgusted with all the hate spewing out of the mouths of almost every single person who came onto that stage. Honestly, we didn’t make it through the second night because I was so disgusted.
Here’s the thing: you talk hate and hate and hate, and you inspire fear. More and more fear and hate in your crowd. So, when they talk about fixing America with fear and hate.. it scares me. It makes it so I DON’T want to step out of my house because I know that people are listening and that hate and fear is eating them up like it was me.

Then… Melania’s plagiarized speech. That was unacceptable. It’s unacceptable in a college student, there is no way I find it acceptable in a candidate or his wife. Especially the way that the Trump campaign first off denied it by citing My Little Pony Then finally admitted it. Seriously? I was disgusted.

So, it was with a worried mind that I decided to watch the democratic national convention. I was worried they’d play on the hate and fear that the republicans built up.
Instead.. Instead I hear speeches on unity. On how every life matters (not the finger pointing that the repubicans pointed out) and I heard REAL solutions and a platform (that is ambitious and I’d be surprised if they can accomplish it all with a majority of republicans in the senate and house.) But honestly, listening to the speakers gave me hope.

To be fair: This is the first time I’m actually watching the conventions, but I’m still holding out on my opinions.

The other thing that disgusted me after the conventions.. but didn’t really surprise me watching the Trump campaign spew hate, was Trump’s attack on a family that LOST A SON. Seriously.

Anyway, I swear, I will go back to crafts. But guys, I’m scared that this man might become president. I worry about the state of our nation/world that has a campaign platform that is basically “hate hate hate.”

Let’s put out more hope. Let’s change the things that are problematic, not ignore them or blame someone else. It’s not one person, one group’s fault.

Next post will be crafts again, I promise


One thought on “In which I talk politics…

  1. This was emailed to me from with the request to post it since wordpress wouldn’t let her post.

    “I have been watching the conventions since the famous 1968 convention in Chicago with the Chicago Seven. This year is by far the worst I have ever seen, with tRump leading the rudeness and hate.
    I too am terrified that we will get the hate-monger as president, but someone please tell me what is wrong with our population that some of us would even vote for such a man?
    Like yourself, I am going back to my crocheting.”

    *Here’s my reply*
    Thank you so much for your comment. I’ve only half watched any of the political elections.. Only caring a little about the nominees. I may not agree with some of them, but the two parties usually seemed to say similar things to me. And I’d pick whoever appealed to me more, whoever seemed to sound the most sincere. This election though.. This election has my attention more than any other one before. I know who I am voting for and it’s not Trump. I said it since the primaries (which I can’t vote in here in Florida since I’m an independent and Florida has a closed election) when people asked me about the primaries. “I will not vote for that man.” They laughed and some of them said they would, stating he was a business man, that he wasnt a politician.. one person even told me that if he was who the party voted in, he must be qualified enough, and that would gain his vote.
    Those reasons dont appeal to me.

    The hate.. The hate is enough of to convince me that I was right all along with my statement.

    Here’s what I encourage you to do though (and anyone else who is as sick with this hate as I am.)

    Go out and vote.

    That’s the only way to defeat him and make sure that he won’t be president.

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