Just another now non-naked barbie…

So, I kept looking at this Disney Descendant doll that I had in the pile of naked Barbies and I loved the purple color of her hair and the punky-rubbery hands they gave her. Though, I hated the cut. It was that two long shanks in the front and the bob short in the back. While it might work if the doll was brand new, after kids playing with it and me trying to fix it with washing and fiddling with the hair, I realized how much it annoyed me.. Thus out came the scissors and I trimmed the two long shanks. Sorry, Disney. I just couldn’t stand that I couldn’t do anything with this style.
For her clothes, I wanted to do a huge evening gown, something with chains all over it and slits and gothic looking almost. But, that would require more work than I was willing to put in (for the time being.) So instead I found this silvery fabric and decided that she wouldn’t look terrible in a pair of silver pants.

I do have to say though, my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired. Oh well.
I also made her this little lacey top. I’m not 100% sure it suits her, but I love how it came out, truth be told. Unlike Anna’s dress, which I made out of crochet thread, I used a sock yarn to make the top for um… Mal I think?

Well, that’s really all I have to show for now. I’m working on Taurus, it’s coming along a slooooooow row at a time.


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