I am the world’s worst procrastinator. Seriously. I will procrastinate until the very last minute, and sometimes even past that.

These next two months, I cannot procrastinate. I have tests so I have to study..

So, instead, I procrastinate on making gifts for people (since we are leaving soon and I wanted to make little gifts for all the profs) and made a Barbie dress.

Well, not really a Barbie… but.. well, you’ll see what I mean.

Basically, my mom found a book on Barbie dresses, but they are these big puffy poofy complicated things. Needless to say, after seeing some awesome designs in this book and awesome things that people online have created (You should check out Barbie Who? and Cogaroo Once Upon a Yarn among others)
I decided I wanted to fiddle. So, I bought a bunch of naked “Barbies” (Some were Disney Princesses, there was a Disney Descendant doll, a Bratz doll, a few Disney Fairies and some others I didn’t really recognize, but there were mainly Barbies, hence that is what I will call the bags.)

Then I washed most of them (I didn’t wash Anna up there since she actually looked in decent shape..beyond being naked that is) and while the majority were drying, I started making Anna a dress.

Which you can see above is my final project.

I am also working on a puffy dress for an actual Barbie… But alas, I have not finished it yet.

What about you all? Anything fun you’ve been making?


8 thoughts on “Proooooooocrastinaaaate!

  1. I’m such a procrastinator too, I completely understand the feeling! I love Anna’s dress, the colors look great on her! And thanks for the link, it made me giggle. 🙂 I’m actually starting on some new Barbie dresses, this is just the inspiration I needed to work on them some more – you did a lovely job! 😀

    • Procrastinators of the world unite!!!! Date: Erms… TBA. *cut five years later* “Hey man, when was that meeting supposed to be??” “I dunno.. sometime soon probably.” ^_~
      Thanks though! I’m really happy with the colors. It was some variegated crochet thread I had. I actually was planning on the dress being longer and more ballgown length, but once I started working it up, it turned out like that. XD
      I can’t wait to see your new Barbie dresses! ❤

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