Liebster (The THIRD!)

Hey all!
So, somehow I was nominated for another Liebster award! Honestly, every time someone nominates me for something I sit here going “No way. They must have made a mistake!” Thank you, Kati from Magic Spark Crafts I am honestly so honored.

You know, I’m going to do what I did last time and be a bad blogger and just say that there are many awesome blogs I follow and you should check them out on the sidebar. Only because I never know who to nominate.. mainly because, how do you just pick one?

Onto the questions!

1.If you were given one day that would be perfect, no matter what, (i.e. a jellyfish doesn’t sting you at the beach, you run into Robert Downy Jr.) what would that day consist of?
Hmm. I honestly never really thought about it before. Usually my perfect days are days when I can chill at home and watch some tv and crochet in quiet with a cat snuggling up next to me. Or they are the days when I go out with a friend and we catch a movie and walk around and chat. I like the stress free moments when I feel like I can be myself and actually relax instead of what I feel around people generally. It’s hard to explain, but I like the moments when I can be goofy and a child and an adult all at the same time with people who I love and care about. Most people I say something a little silly or strange and they just give me a look like “aren’t you supposed to be an adult now?” But yeah, I guess that’s about what I love and those are the perfect moments.

2. What is your favorite animal, and if able provide 3 reasons why?
Oh man. I definitely do not have 3 reasons why I love the things I do. But a single favorite animal? Hmm. See, I pretty much love all animals. I’d say my favorite is the owl though.. or maybe the fox.. or no, no, the turtle! no, wait. back to the owl… Honestly, I don’t really know. But those three are probably it. Don’t get me wrong, I still love cats and dogs and everything, but if I see a fox or a turtle or an owl, I will just stand there and stare at them for the longest time.

3. What is a book you recommend to anyone to read?
Anyoooooooneeeee? Hmm. Well, for YA books, I always recommend Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. Or A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. For a little older fare, I recommend Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, or Svaha by Charles de Lint. I mean, I could recommend books all day. Most of what I read is fantasy, so usually my tastes don’t line up with most people’s. But yeah, probably any of those or a mixture of those. Or maybe a book by those authors but not those specific books. I can recommend a lot of books. lol.

4. Would you rather spend 1 week chatting through IM, text, or any chat based program with your biggest Hollywood (movies, television, or musician) crush knowing their contact information will be removed at the end of that week unless they decided to continue the conversation OR meet that crush for 24 straight hours?
Um. Uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm… I’d think that I’d honestly be more comfortable talking with them through IM.. not so much phone texts as that requires me to be attentive to my phone.. See, I’m the type of person that tends to ignore it if I’m doing stuff or I’m not in the mood to fiddle with my phone. I kind of hate texting on phones because 90% of the time I get really irritating typos and its harder for me to erase on a phone than it is for me to hit backspace on a keyboard. Um. But that’s not the question, is it? Back to the original question: I’d probably be more comfortable through IM just becauuuuuuuse I’m relatively shy and socially awkward in person. Oh, if I could carry on a conversation in real life that’d be finnnnne, but usually I just start to get really self conscious and then I just flail about and make an idiot of myself. Granted, I meet new people all the time and I’m perfectly fine with them, but it’s different when it’s someone I admire. Through text, even though I still might be making an idiot of myself, its less about seeing the person’s reactions so I don’t REALIZE they think that of me. 😛 Or well, I kinda do, but I figure everyone thinks I’m a silly person and I just play that up even more.

5. You have been given the opportunity to receive 1 wish as you wish it to be (not as it can be misconstrued) by a genie. What wish would you wish for (not including more wishes or physical immortality.)
Hmm. I’m not really sure. Heck, I can’t even pick out where to go to eat when people ask me… Picking out a wish is like a million times tougher than that! 😛 Right now: I want to be done with my tests and have them all passed and have a job and be settled instead of in the state of flux I’m in. Generally, I just want myself and the people I care about to be happy.. Like, not that creepy state, the “omg we’re so happy and everything is peeeeeeeeeeeeerfeeeeect” happy that people portray, but the genuine contentedness in life that doesn’t need to scream it from the rafters. I’d also wish for people to be more tolerant of each other. Oh, it’s all good and grand to wish for world peace, but as long as people aren’t tolerant, there’s really no way to get there. To me, a forced peace is just a way to cage the wild animal. You know they are ready to burst out of the cage the moment it first senses it can. Though… if the time comes, I have no idea if I’d be that selfless.

Well, thank you all for following my little piece of the internet over here.


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