Mini Dragon

My mom likes miniatures.
She has all these magazine and patterns on how to make miniatures for her dollhouse. She’s always looking things up and saving things and then poking me about making her some of them. Usually, I have a lot of my own projects and I put most of them aside as a “someday” project as she could easily fill up all my life with “dollhouse sized” crochet.
Heck, I made her things that were miniature and I even tried my hand at microcrochet not too long ago. (oh my god, talk about the hand cramps!)
Anyway, my mom likes miniatures. She was visiting me this past week and this time she was armed with a pattern.
I have no idea what dollhouse magazine it was from, my google searching has failed me and I cannot share with you the magazine. My mom had printed out or copied or something just the little pattern, but I know she was talking about how she had access to the magazine and she said it was a back issue of it…

Anyway, since she was here, she had me make her a little dragon with thread yarn and her pattern.

So, the only thing I really changed from the pattern my mom had to that dragon was the spikes. Because I like the method I learned forever ago about spikes. The other thing was the eyes are small little black beads. According to my mom, the lady wrote that what she did was cut the beads in half and glued them on. She also glued on the little nostrils and the eyebrows. Well, I sewed all that on and I left the beads as normal.
The dark area inside the nostril is due to blue and green fabric markers. Honestly, if you don’t have some, they are awesome.

For Aries, I have everything done except the horns. I am working on it. I swear. Real life has been a little hectic with studying for tests and my parents up here, visiting. (I also made a handful of things for a swap and had to get that out.)
But yes, soon there will be a new pattern for you. Soon.


8 thoughts on “Mini Dragon

  1. Oh, how tiny and cute! I haven’t tried my hand at making miniatures yet. It scares me to think about trying to work with such tiny yarn, ha ha! 🙂

    • Thanks! It’s… tough, lol. But rewarding in its own way. I definitely recommend working your way down slowly. The little dragon was made using size um.. 10 cotton I wanna say my mom told me it was… and a size 7 hook.

        • Well, if you’re using worsted weight (myfavoooorite) and asize G hook (also my favorite), then you can start working down with a light yarn, and try a size C hook… then work down smaller and use a size 0 hook… etc.. Just a warning, definitely do not try to jump from a 7 to a 10 and size 10 cotton thread to sewing thread. THAT one hurt.^_~ But yeah, they’re fun in their own way.I wish you the best of luck! you can do it!

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