Handmade tags

I was at the craft store the other day, wandering around, when I saw these paper tags. You know the type, brown, card-boardy paper tags with a little hole in them and some twine. Great for gifts and labels… So, while eyeing these, (they had only a handful in a package, and were just plain old brown) I had an idea. So, I wandered around until I found a few things I was looking for, first and foremost being the scrapbook paper. A.C. Moore always seems to have some of their “books” of scrapbook paper marked down, So I picked up a couple that I liked and brought them home.

My idea: Make my own custom pretty tags for my work. Or gifts. Or whatever.

These are the first ones I made. I love the paper of them. They just remind me of little flowers and carnivals.

Then I made these ones. It’s no secret that my two favorite colors are blue and green. I loved the paper for these as well, they reminded me of fireworks in their way.

The whole batch.

I think they turned out quite nice, truth be told.

How I did these:
Scrapbook paper, holepunch, modpodge (with brush) and some crochet thread.

So the first thing I did was punch out a buuuuunch of tags from a sheet of paper. This takes some fiddling, but the first time I was able to get 43 tags from one paper, and the second page I was able to juuust barely get 45.. Well, 45 if you dont mind one side of the tag looking a touuuuch off. (which I don’t. It just adds to it’s charm)
Then I cut lengths of crochet thread and tied the end together of it.
Small amount of modpodge (hence the brush) on the wrong side of the paper, attach the tie, and I took a second tag and glued it onto the back to 1. hold the tie down, and 2. give each tag a double sided look.
And there you have it! custom tags!

And surprisingly, or more like surprisingly to me, they are fairly strong. I was tugging on the tag/string to see if it would hold, and it dooooooes. Which made me very happy.

Only thing left is to write a little note and attach to project/gift/etc.

Timewise… Cutting the tags and gluing them dont take toooo much time… What took the most amount of time for me was tying those fiddly ends of the crochet thread… And for good measure, I timed myself. It took me ~18 minutes from start to finish to make 10 tags. So, it is a little time consuming if you make say… 80+ tags… like I did.

Anyway, happy crafting! I am behind on Aries. It is coming along slowly.


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