Stress and baking

When I get stressed, I bake.
I really have no desire to eat what I bake.
I just like baking.
90% of what I bake is from a box mix. I maaay add in stuff to the box mix, but for me its more the smell of whats baking that starts to calm me down.

My boards are coming up.
This induced the newest “MUST BAKE ALL THE THINGS!!!!” attitude in my home.

Mocha fudge brownies from a box mix. I added in walnuts before taking into clinic.

I also baked this little guy:

I traced him from a toothless sketch I liked onto the shrinky dink (I cut out some f the details the sketch had though cause I cannot draw that well) and baked it and now I have a tiny half-transparent toothless charm!
(FYI, I love Toothless.)

I will probably bake something today or tomorrow as well.

Stay tuned. More things to come soon!


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