Happy Valentine’s Day (Or Single’s Awareness Day)

Hey all! I hope you are having a great Valentine’s day.. or if you aren’t in a relationship, Single’s Awareness Day.

So, if you want a flower that’s long lasting or if you’re looking for something to give to someone, try making a rose:

I used a sized 7 crochet hook, some crochet thread, and a chenille stem.

For the stem:
1. Magic ring with 5sc
2. Inc in every stitch (10)
3-29. Sc around (you can increase or decrease the length depending on how long you want your stem to be)
30. dec, 3 sc. Repeat (8)
31 – 38. Sc around (again, you can decrease how many here depending on the length you want.
39. ch3 – (sc, hdc) dec, sc, ch 3 – (sc, hdc) dec. sc. T.O. (here the sc and hdc are in teh chains. The ones not in () are in the round like normal.. this just puffs it out a little so that you can have the stem come up onto the rose and hide your base)
T.O. leaving a long tail.
I shoved a pipecleaner down the stem and used it to bend for the pictures above. You can use some fiberfill if you like, but I didn’t bother. Also, I only bent mine so it would stand up, you don’t have to.

1. ch. 62
2. sc61 ch2, turn
3. Skip first sc, 3 doubles in next st. ch1, skip next stitch, sc into next. Ch. 1. Skip next stitch, 4 doubles in next. ch1. skip next stitch, sc, ch1, skip, 4dc in next, ch.1 skip, sc, ch. 1 skip, 4dc in next stitch, ch.1, skip, sc, ch.1, skip, 5dc in next stitch, ch.1, skip, sc., ch,1 and keep going with the skip, sc, skip 5 dc skip, until the end, but you want to end on a sc. With this, I had 15 petals. T.O. leaving a long tail.

So the idea here is the 3 dc side is your inside as its smaller petals. Roll on this side along and tug it down slightly as you go. you want an almost dome shaped flower. Sew all this together as tightly as you can. You’re then going to take the stem and the petals that are open you’re going to position them on either side and sew them onto the stem.

And there you go! Have fun with your little roses.


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