Adventures in Chainmail!

Hey all!
So remember when I mentioned I made a thing but I couldn’t show you?
Well, it arrived at my friend’s so therefore I can now share!

And the underside:

I bought the scales a while ago at The Ring Lord and the rings are just plain old jump rings I picked up at the craft store. (Though, before I finished this I ordered jump rings online as well.)
This was actually kind of hard for me, as I’ve never really made anything chainmail-y before. It’s small, a little less than 3 inches wide x 5 inches long. the small chains are about 3in around, which are the measurements my friend more or less gave me.
Now, you might think this was for a bracelet…. and it could work like that, really. but I made it for my friend’s dragon.

Cute right?

And just because I love this picture he took, this is when the dragon first arrived at his place:

(and yes, I made the little teddy bear as well)

If you’re interested, there are some very cool youtube videos out there on chainmail making and scale-mail. They take time. They take tools. They take patience. But it was totally worth it.


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