Oral Health Awareness Month!

I forgot my announcement that February is ORAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH!!! (Actually, National Children’s Dental Health month, but I choose to call it oral health awareness since it should not just be limited to children.)

So, brush and floss those teeth!

See, even Baymax is trying to help!*

And now the best PSA from Oregon Dental Association..

And remember, a healthy tooth is a happy tooth!

*poor Baymax is a little overwhelmed by a tooth the same size as him and “giant” toothbrush…


11 thoughts on “Oral Health Awareness Month!

  1. Oh my gosh, Baymax is adorable! And I love that he’s trying to help, even if he does seem a little overwhelmed… What pattern did you use for him? Now I so want to crochet a Baymax! 😀

    • Oh man, I totaaaaaaally improvised it a while ago. I can see if I can figure out what I did (sinceI dont think I wrote it down at the tiiiiime) and share what I did. and you should totally crochet a Baymax. He’s so adorable.

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