Adventures in MICROCROCHET!!

So, after making the little wyvern last week out of a size 7 hook and size 10 and 8 crochet thread, I decided to try making something out of embroidery floss (the idea in my head was that it’d be thinner… It really isn’t)

It did come out smaller, but probably because I was more concerned with the amount of thread I had and I tried to use a size 10 hook (again, trying for small.) I’d probably say if you use embroidery floss, that you can use a size 7 hook as well.

And here’s the two dragon/wyverns together as both will be gifts to my mother”

Well, after that, I thought I’d make a little monkey out of sewing thread and that size 10 hook… After I started working on the “head” I realized how bad an idea that was as I was struggling to get the “head” to look like a head. Instead, it transformed into this teeny tiny turtle:

The monkey “head” became the turtle’s shell. The arms/legs/tail/head are all ch/sc straight onto the shell… and after I did all that, I thought there was no way I could sew eyes, so he is as he is.

Note the first for microcrochet: Be prepared for it to be small. You will prolly need to work down (unlike me who decides to jump straight in after a couple of successful experiments with crochet thread and a 7 hook. I should have worked slowly down to trying to use sewing thread)

Note the second: Don’t give up. Improvise if it doesn’t look according to plan. Why? Cause it is so SMALL that I definitely did not want to tear out stitches.

Note the third: Bright lights are necessary. As are probably a magnifying lens.. I did not use a magnifier.. I will in the future if I attempt this.

You may also need something to protect your fingers if you are like me and have a habit of running the crochet hook up against them when you work… Do not ask me how I do this. I just know that my finger was sore from working small stitches.. on my opposite hand. And it was fine until I’d crochet and then I’d stare at it trying to figure out exactly what I was doing that was causing the issue. I was totally hitting somewhere repeatedly with the hook as I used my finger as a guide.

If anyone else has attempted microcrochet, I’d love to see what you’ve done. I’d also love to know any thoughts you have on the subject… I totally respect it, but man, I think I was crazy for trying to jump in like I did.


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