Other things I’ve made: Wyvern, Moogle, and a tiny jar

Right, so I hope you all are enjoying Aquarius, but I made some other things this week that I wanted to share.
First off:

I made this tiny jar out of crochet thread and a size 7 hook. For comparison’s sake, Aquarius in Jug form is next to the itty bitty jar:

Then I made a little wyvern following this lovely pattern by Lepida I used crochet thread and small beads for the eyes. And I think I messed up a bit on the spikes from her pattern, buuuut I looked and didn’t feel like trying to figure out where I deviated.

Lastly, I made this moogle. I.. personally have only played maybe 10 minutes of Final Fantasy X and maybe 30 minutes of 9… But I remember these little guys from Kingdom Hearts. And back to me asking people what I should make I was told a moogle.
Lots of google image searches later, and I decided on a more simplistic design.

What about you all? Make anything fun this week? Anything you’re proud of?


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