Some more little critters from this week and some polls!

Hey all,
So, I was making some creatures and trying to figure out exactly what I wanted my challenge to myself to be for this year. I’m thinking Zodiac amigurumi… Haven’t 100% decided yet, but what do you all think?

Also, if you’d like to see another challenge from me, let me know in the comments please.

I was thinking of starting a youtube series on how to crochet and maybe showing a bit more of how I do things and picking some of the patterns I’ve shared in the past and showing how I make them.. buuuuut, that kinda terrifies me at the same time since I’m kind of really shy.. But again, I’ll place a poll and go from there.

RIGHT! Enough polls… Time for some creatures!

First this guy.
See, when I get a little stuck on what to make, I ask people. If someone tells me and I haven’t asked, then it depends on how many other things I have planned and how much the idea strikes me at the time. I’ll generally try to make whatever though just because it’s an idea for me to jump and run away with. My friend, when I asked what to make, said big foot. This is not big foot. It was supposed to be.. Buuuut, he didn’t come out big-foot-y enough.. and when I started adding the fun fur, I realize that I made a gremlin. So there you have it, he is a gremlin and a happy gremlin at that at having hijacked my bigfoot project.

Then the same friend when poked again stated I should make a jackalope. Luckily, this project was not hijacked by an inner gremlin wanting to come out and I’m actually quite proud of my little jackalope. He’s tiny though, measuring just about 3 inches.

This little tooth might give you nightmares, but I was trying to think of something I could make for people in my clinic. Horror-tooth does not seem to be the answer. πŸ˜›

Yes, I made another puff ball. The yarn is supposed to be holographic, and I loved the colors of it so I wanted to make one in this yarn.

Okay so for some non-crochet stuff:

I made these little “potion” bottles as something fun to try. A few of the smaller ones I made into charms, but the larger ones I kept as they were. I figured that they’ll come in handy when I make that Halloween scene again. xD And for some close ups:

I also made these:

Little stitch markers. I swear, I lose stitch markers faster than I can make them or buy them. Then I also saw this thing on a Lion’s Brand yarn tweet where they recommended using alphabet beads for stitch markers to remember which size hook you used. Hence there is a D, an E, and an F stitch marker. I plan to make some more, buuuuut I haven’t gotten around to it.

Lastly, forever and a day ago, my cousin gave me Enticingly Eccentric Gnomes which is a kit to make little felt gnomes. Well, I opened it up, looked at the “patterns” page, made a face at all the overlapping pieces and immediately put it away as a “I’ll do this later” thing. Well, I finally decided to tackle a gnome:

My biggest problem with this kit was that it came with black, red, white, peach, and silver felt along with the black floss (which I used for eyes only and used my own sewing thread to stitch him up) and the only one that seemed to have all those colors was the ninja gnome, buuuuuut when I made him, I didn’t have enough felt in any of the pieces to make the back of his head. Mind you, I try to be verrrry conservative when I cut patterns out from something. Also, the way the patterns page was was all overlapped pieces. I think I had 3-4 copies of the pattern in order to get all the little pieces.. But it all worked out as I had extra felt just lying around here so I used that for the back of his head. So, be prepared if you do get this book that you’ll have a lot of tracing or else you’re gonna need a copier. And you might need extra felt on hand.
Also, glue + me + felt = mess. I had glue everywhere. I ended up stitching anywhere where I thought I could have stuffing sticking through anyway, just to be safe.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. What about you guys? Anything you’ve been working on? Anything challenging that you put aside and thought you’d never work on it only to recently have it see the light of day?


2 thoughts on “Some more little critters from this week and some polls!

  1. Those potion bottles are amazing, as are all of your creations! I think it would be super cool if you did some YouTube videos, but I understand your hesitation, as I’m quite shy as well. My goal is to one day start a YouTube channel but it’s a scary thought. Your zodiac amigurumi challenge sounds like a great idea; I can’t wait to see what you decide on! πŸ˜€

    • Thank you so much. I still haven’t worked the nerve up to try the youtube thing. It’s been something I’ve been thinking of on and off for at least a year now… (as well as an Etsy shop. I want to do it, but I worry and then my nerves get the better of me) I’d love to see a youtube channel from you though! Thank you so much, I had actually decided right before you commented on going ahead with it. I figure I will post one every month around the time that the signs change over. I just finished Aquarius, actually and will be posting it soon. I was actually debating too about doing other zodiac stuff (since there are other ones), but I haven’t decided on that yet though.

      As for the potion bottles, they were actually very simple to make.. I got some confetti glitter in a package and I pinched a little of that in there, then I added some glitter glue. To a couple I diluted the glue with a drop or two of water, and in a couple more I diluted it with a bit of clear school glue. A couple of shakes and there you have it! Some of the thinner ones don’t hold the glitter where I’d like them to, but the thicker mixtures tend to keep the confetti stuck there.

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