Catching up…

Hey! So, Christmas for me was crazy and so was New Years. Lots of family time, lots of last minute “we need to make something for so and so!”
For Christmas, I made necklace/earring sets for my aunts:

Those were for two of my aunts.

Then I made two more necklace/earring sets on New Years for a cousin who was out of town on Christmas, and her mom (my aunt). But I got rushed and didn’t get to take pictures of them. Ah well. I also made a necklace for me, but I “put it up” after wearing it and I have to hunt it down from my stuff I brought back here. There will be a picture! Eventually.

Before I left home, my mom’s coworker graduated from…. I dont actually know. But she graduated, and my mom wanted me to make her a necklace/earring set as well:

Now a note on my jewelry making: I can make the earrings, no problem. My mother actually starts the necklace, she puts the clasp on, uses the crimp beads and starts it with seeds beads (while I make the earrings) then she passes it over to me where I make the rest of the the necklace. When I’m done, I pass it back, work on earrings or drops or whatever it is I need to work on while she crimps and finishes it. It’s a team effort.

Then I made this little polar bear out of crochet thread and actually gave him to my mom:

We also went to Disney before New Years to see the Osborne Christmas Light show as it was it’s last year and in the car ride up as my dad drove, I made this little snow man:

Well, after the New Year, I thought he needed a friend (not to count the previous snowman I made a while ago and have currently sitting in a box on my living floor that was supposed to be my “Christmas crochet decorations” that didn’t really get anywhere.. Ah well.) so I made this little snowperson:

They look good together!

Also, in good news, I used the last bit of that green yarn to make the second snowman’s scarf. The rest of it went into this little dragon. I call him Nibs, and he is a “teacup dragon.” A few of my online friends want to do this half-roleplay half-writing thing where we come up with characters, and we have to have an item or some such that we can’t be without (in the roleplay thing) and I half-jokingly said a dragon. Well, that’s how Nibs was born. He had to be “little” and I was like, oh! He can be like a parrot and sit on my shoulder!” Next thing you know, I wanted to make him. The wings are made from some type of tulle that I had sitting around. It was a fabric remnant that I bought forever and a day ago. To keep the tulle from fraying, I used nail polish and painted it multiple times with it. Unfortunately (or fortunately as the case may be) I did not have clear nail polish, but glow in the dark left over from Halloween. It actually paints on semi-clear, so I used that and now his wings have a faint glow to them.

I then made this little owl for a friend who I was shipping chocolate to.

On a side note, the little dragon I made previously and shipped to the other friend got there. Unfortunately, after Christmas, but he got it and that makes me happy. (For some reason, shipping things makes me a little nervous.. I always worry about things being lost in the mail.)

One more thing I want to mention is something I got for Christmas. In school we were doing a Secret Santa and the person who got me bought me one of those adult coloring books and colored pencils. I was like “oh. Neat.” And was happy, but a bit baffled too why someone thought of me when they saw this coloring book. It was on flower mandalas, and it is really pretty, I swear. But as I have a How to Train Your Dragon coloring book (for kids, but I found it at the dollar store or something and I love love love How to Train Your Dragon, I had to get it) and it has not been colored at all, it baffled me even more. I guess though that random secret santa person wasn’t the only one who looked at the adult coloring books and thought of me. My best friend from high school got me one as well. It is actually more my style as it is living animals and these crazy designs. But it’s all animals so that makes me happy.

The one on the left is the living wonders one and kind of an idea how it looks. Some of the designs are repetitive and take up the entire page. Where the flower mandalas one is circles and pretty, but nothing in it makes me squee like the other one.

I haven’t started coloring the living wonders one, but I did start the flower mandalas one before I left for break, but I didn’t finish any of them.

Anyway, what about you all? How has your new year been so far and what have you been working on?


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