Happy New Year EVERYONE! I wish you all the best for the year to come.

I’m going to give a quick year in review. Last year, in WordPress’s report, I had ~2,200 views, and in 2015, I had ~2,900! That’s amazing. I honestly can’t believe it.

Then, as I was curious: I made AT LEAST 166 things out of yarn. Since my last post, I made a polar bear, which I will share at a later date and a snowman. I shared ~13 patterns this year. It’s been a busy year!

So, this is the time where we talk about resolutions and plans for the year to come. I’ve given up resolutions because I barely ever follow through with them. Plans however, plans I can kind of do. Then I won’t feel bad if they fall to the way side as I get busy or start deviating to something else as I have to study for my last big exams.

My plans:

  1. Share more patterns.
  2. Keep up with crochet and try to learn more and progress into a better crocheter/crafter.
  3. Try to make more geeky crafts. I mean, I already have Link, a Frozen troll, Kon, Baymax, a Kodama, some pokemon, and a Groot… But I love what I love, and I love seeing crochet/knit characters from video games, movies, and books, so I’d love to make more.
  4. Try to make more crafts that follow the holidays. I had so much fun making my halloween amis, and I had fun making the reindeer, I’d love to make more and to get my scenes all set up.
  5. Keep up with blogging
  6. Become a better photographer… of crafts.
  7. Maaaaaaybe start an online shop

I think that’s a decent plan. It’s my craft plan. I also need to start looking for a job, and all that fun stuff. It just goes without mentioning.

What about you all? How’d you do in 2015? Did you meet your goals, did you keep you resolutions? What about 2016? What plans or resolutions do you have?


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