Week 51: Penguin, Polar Bear, and Unicorn.

Hey All,
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I know I’ve been trying to work hard on my crafts and get things done… And then I get distracted making reindeer by people poking me about things.
This week I made a penguin:

Then I made this little polar bear. Though, a friend sent me a picture of a polar bear stuck in a bucket helmet, and in my somewhat delirious state I said that it looked like apocalypse bear… which got shortened to apoca-bear.. So I made this little polar bear a helmet.. to prepare for the apocalypse.

Lastly, I made a little unicorn:

Anyway, how are you all doing on your holiday crafting? Making anything special? Looking forward to any craft related gifts?


4 thoughts on “Week 51: Penguin, Polar Bear, and Unicorn.

  1. Aw! I love all of your amigurumis! Do you have a pattern for the penguin? Or did you make it up yourself? I love the apoca-bear; the helmet is adorable!! You did such a great job on all these, I don’t think I could pick a favorite! And the hair on the unicorn looks very lovely… quite magical. XD

    • I pretty much make most of my amigurumis up from scratch. Sometimes I write down patterns and other times I don’t as I’m more in the “I just wanna see if this LOOKS right before I worry about repeating it” mode. But thank you so much! The penguin was actually designed to look like the penguins from Penguindrum. A friend of mine kept sending me penguin gifs from it. Like.. he said I should make one one day, sent me a gif, and I said “Okay, I’ll add it to my list.” Then about an hour later, he sent three gifs. Then didn’t say anything else for the rest of that day, but sent me five more the next day, so he kinda pestered me into making it. (Not that I’m complaining, really. It came out really cute!) I’ll see what I can come up with for the penguin. It was a few pieces with the white sewn onto the blue body.. (I’m better with sewing things onto a base than having to worry about rows and color changes and all those small strings floating around.. I mean, I’ve done bit before, buuuut, it just seems simpler to me to sew something on so I know I get the right look.) The polar bear is probably my favorite.. without the hat, really. It just looks so perfectly polar bearish. The unicorn’s hair was um.. I wanna say Vanna’s Choice party yarn combed out? Either way, it had that deep purple quality and some metallic strips in it. But thank you again, I love all your amis from the Lunar Chronicles. I actually read Cinder recently and then re-looked at your Cinder and realized how awesomely accurate it was. XD

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