Week 46-47: What to do with crumbled cake, a reindeer, and a dragon

Hi guys!
So last week was a classmate’s birthday. Normally I’m rather oblivious to these things, but the girl was in my clinic and I had promised mooonths ago to make her a cake for her birthday. The night before I looked around and grabbed a cake mix I had on hand that was actually two half mixes in one, a blue velvet and a red velvet. and I was like GREAT! this sounds yummy! and I grabbed one of my bundt pans (I have a few, some are simple bundts and some are quite involved) and I looked around for my Baker’s Joy… and I was out. What? Oh.. Well, surely I had cooking spray somewhere… That doesn’t work AS good, but it’s still good.. and I was out of that. Now, normallllllly I’d just go to the store and get some, but it was late and I was already a bit tired so I was like “People have been making cakes since there were awesome cooking sprays… I’ll just grease the pan and it should be fine, right?”
Oh, the cake LOOKED great, sitting in all its glory in the pan.
But when I tried to get it out… it wouldn’t budge. Greaaaaaat. An hour later, I had the cake out..
But it was in pieces and a mashed mess on my plate. Well, I couldn’t present THAT to the girl.. But the cake still tasted good, so I sighed, dumped the mess into one of my giant mixing bowls, covered it, and placed it in the fridge to decide what to do with later as I resigned myself to go to the store and get Baker’s Joy and make a second cake in the morning.

Second cake after frosting and sprinkles… I laughed and called it my “pretty little princess cake” This post however is NOT about what to do with a cake that comes out of the pan perfectly, its what to do with mashed cake bits..

So, I was looking at my mashed cake bits, and they did taste realllly good, and I hate to throw something away that tastes good but is just not that pretty.. so I looked up cake pops.
If you haven’t had a cake pop its like a bite sized sugar treat that will get you bouncing off the walls. oh. and it tastes amazing. They have machines now that bake your cake mixes into balls just so you can make not as sugary a mix as the normal cake pop… but, I had mashed cake and had never made cake pops before, So I decided to give it a try and I’ll outline the steps I followed for you..

What you need according to the internet:
Mashed cake.
Candy melts (or chocolate melts that get hardish)

Heres my mashed cake:

First off: Take mashed cake and mix with frosting until sticky.. okay… Really… Mine definitely looked like something that.. well, it TASTES good. but it looks strange. I also split my cake mix into two bowls as I used different frosting for each bowl (left over frostings)

The instructions I found said to cool it. Didn’t say for how long. I cooled mine for a few HOURS (and the second batch I let sit overnight) as I had the mashed and the frosting and I mixed those, but then I had to go to school and later went to get the candy melts.

Roll into blobs. Literally. Blobs. Yes, they are supposed to be “ball” but sticky, gooey stuff for me does not roll into balls, but instead blobs… hmm. Right, so it wasnt THAT gooey, but my hands WERE red and had frosting on them.. maybe I added too much frosting?

Now here, you wanna put your stick into your blob. Right, but when I did this the ball would push THROUGH the stick. Pre-dipping kinda helped… BUT, I had all sorts of problems with the my cake mixture and the melty stuff. mainly cause the melty stuff staaaayed thick. So for me to thin it a little, I added vegetable oil to it..
Stiiiiil thick though. and since I don’t have a cake ball holder thing for when I make these little monsters.. It turned into the cake ball disaster. How so you ask?

Some of them fell onto my stove, I had melty stuff all over everything (off to the side) I had burnt some of it. Yes, do not ask me how I did that. I did.

Anyway, I think it came out all right in the end? I’m letting the stuff settle truthfully as I write this (and I am prewriting it so yays!!)

(And since I was lazy and didn’t post last weekend, I finished them up. I took my first batch to school and everyone loved them. They were sweet, but perfect little cake bites. And once the candy melt settled, it was nice and hard and perfect.. even if they were more blob shapped then lollipop shaped.)

all in all, I personally wouldn’t STRIVE to make cake balls if my cake came out fine and whole. Buuuuut, it was a fun.. if rather messy experience. I deeeefinitly do not see myself making these again. If you get it to work, please, let me know. Mine..definitely not like the instructions I saw. 😛

The ohter thing I’m making is a reindeer.. WEll, LAST week. I finished him yesterday:

I’m gonna try to make the whole crew and I’ll post a pattern after I make another one.

Then this week (so, week 47): I made a little dragony thing. It used a thin yarn (lost the label.. prolly a fingering weight?) and I used a D hook:

Anyway, any of you try to make cake blobs? Any of you doing any christmas themed crafts?


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