Week 43: F bomb, puff ball, and maaybe something offensive.

So, I saw a few of these around the internet, and they amused me. I, of course, showed a few friends and one of them said they’d want it for their desk. Which told me I needed to make one even if he didn’t say that. 😛

Then I made another puff ball:

Another thing I made, something not crochet. This was for my halloween scene again, but I used some (4-5) chenile stems (or another word would be pipe cleaners) and I twisted them and bent them a bit and and then I got these creepy trees!

The rest will be a follow me type of thing as it may be offensive to you..

So, when I was making my ghosts, a friend told me they looked like tampons (that was before they had arms) and then we were joking around and she said that it’d make a really cute tampon..
Even more, another friend when I was stuck for inspiration told me to make something offensive. I think he was hoping for a boob or poop or just something really random that he figured I normally wouldn’t make.
So, in my normal fashion I did what I thought I had fun doing and mix a few things and made this:

And there you have it! What I’ve been up to. So, what about you all? Anything fun going on?


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