Week 41: Tombstones

Hey guys! So like I said, I’ve actually been staying ahead of my posts, slightly… and spreading out a bit of what I’ve been making so that you can have some halloween patterns…
So, the last few weeks, I’ve been making some tombstones.. now, I varied every single one of them, so they don’t all follow this EXACT pattern, but here you are! A way to make your own graveyard:

They are a couple with my pumpkins…

1. Magic ring -5
2. Inc in every stitch- 10
3. inc, 5 sc. Repeat once – 12
4. Inc, 6 sc. repeat once – 14
5. Inc, 7 sc. repeat – 16
6 – 10. sc around

1. ch. 10
2. Sc in the second chain from the hook and continue sc until end, ch1 turn
3. sc until end.

If your base doesn’t look wide enough to cover the bottom of your tombstone, then you can sc a few more rows until you’re happy. I stuffed my tombstones lightly and sewed the based on so that a little extra hung out on either side of it. Then I took a minuscule amount of black yarn and sewed RIP on some of them, on others (not pictured) I didn’t (yet).

And there you have it! you can make your own graveyard. And if you’re lucky, this guy won’t be there:

(Sorry, I didn’t write down my pattern for him.. I made the body kinda like I did for the mummy in all black, then made a hoody-coat thing in grey over it..)
Here’s his scythe:

I used a skewer and cut it down to fit his size before covering it with black fimo. I then took a little grey fimo and made the blade before baking all this..
I will admit though that it broke shortly after I took these photos, so I then superglued the blade back together (that’s where it broke) and smeared some extra superglue all over the blade to give it a little more stability..
And here’s a view of the grim reaper from the side:

Anyway, happy crafting everyone! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your graveyards.


2 thoughts on “Week 41: Tombstones

  1. Those are adorable tombstones…I never thought I’d say that, hehe! I love the accessories you make out of clay, and thank you for writing down the patterns! 😀

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