Week 40: Mummy

Man, I can’t even say the word mummy anymore without thinking of Doctor Who and “Are you my Mummy?” (Yes, it’s supposed to be mommy, but it fits in so well there!)

But anyway, I made a mummy.

What’s better is that I scribbled down a semblance of a pattern.

head/body: Black
1. Magic ring – 5 sc
2. inc in every stitch – 10
3. inc, sc. Repeat around – 15.
4. inc, 2 sc. repeat around – 20
5 – 8. sc around.
9. Dec, 2 sc. Repeat around – 15.
10. Dec, 1 sc. Repeat around – 10.
**This first bit makes the head. Insert your eyes if you are going to use them somewhere in this first section. I did the head and the body all in one piece**
11-12. Sc around.
13. Inc, sc. Repeat around – 15
14-17. Sc around.
18. dec, 1 sc. repeat around – 10.
19. Dec around. – 5

arms and legs: Black
1. Magic ring – 5 sc
2. inc in every stitch – 10
3-6. Sc around.

Then I chained a fairly looong chain in white. Enough to wrap the mummy in and give him his look. I went back and single crocheted in all those chains before tying off, leaving a long end. You really don’t have to do this second step, but I wanted to. Now, if your chain is too short, never fear! You can always make another one. I wrapped and sewed the chain around the body, starting with the head. Now, I intentionally left some black spots showing through. I wanted to give it that creepy monster look. Then I took an end and let it hang from the arm, which got cut off in the picture. You don’t have to do this, but I liked the effect.

And there you have it… Well, that was MY method behind the mummy.


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