Week 39: Pumpkins

As I maaaaaay have explained previously, I’ve been working on a bunch of decorations for a Halloween scene/decorations. So, what better way to celebrate fall than with pumpkins?

So, I vary my pattern slightly as I make them, adding in more rows in the middle or less, and not going up to 20, instead going to 15 for smaller pumpkins.. but here’s my basic pattern:
1. magic ring with 5 sc.
2. Inc in every st. (10)
3. Inc, sc. Repeat around (15)
4. Inc, 2 sc. repeat around (20)
5-8. sc around
9. Dec, 2 sc. repeat around (15)
10. dec, sc. repeat around (10
11. dec around (5).
T.O. and leave a loooooooong tail. You’re going to use this tail to make the pumpkin look more like a pumpkin.

So, in order to do that what you’re going to do is take that long tail and wrap it around the ball part to sew it back into the other end and pull through and follow suit again and again until you get those ridges..
Like I was trying to explain, first you take your yarn needle and insert it into the opposite end of the pumpkin.. usually I make this the bottom because it has a nicer look to it when its done.. but its up to you.
You pull the yarn needle/yarn through to the other end.. where you closed your circle. I like to put the yarn over my finger to arrange it on the pumpkin where I want it at this point.
Pull it tight to make sure it’s where you originally placed it…
Tiiiiiiiiiighter to give it that ribbed/ridgey look.
Then repeat around until you get the look you want. I then thread the yarn through somewhere along the top, pull it back through to the bottom once more, before I trim it off. When I look at mine, one end always seems a lot neater than the other. The neater end I put to the bottom of the pumpkin, and the un-neat one I hide with the stem.

1. Magic ring with 4 sc.
2. Inc, sc. Repeat (6)
3. Inc, 2 sc. Repeat (8)

And there you have it. Now you can make your own pumpkin patch.


7 thoughts on “Week 39: Pumpkins

  1. I love the ridged look of your pumpkins! Your decorations will look so cool together. I’m going to give this a go – thanks for posting the pattern! I should get started on my Halloween crocheting, it always comes up so fast! 🙂

  2. Eek, this is BEYOND adorable. It sort of makes me wish I was any good with my hands so that I could learn how to crochet – but alas, I must stick with admiring your pumpkin patch from afar. Thank you for sharing, though – this is quite lovely! ❤

    • Thanks! I don’t know, it took me lots of starts and stops before I was finally able to pick up crochet. Youtube is a great tool now and I always recommend looking up on there anything you’d want to learn. For my pumpkins, you’d need to know a magic ring (there’s also the chain method, but I don’t particularly like that method), a single crochet, then how to increase and decrease. That is if you want to learn. XD It does take some time, but I dunno. I love to crochet while I watch tv.

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