Week 37: Witches’ Hat

So I went a little unconventional with my witch and made a dragon to stir my cauldron.

Unfortunately, I didn’t write a pattern up for my dragon. Started with a chain, maybe 5 st? and then kinda improvised from there. I did however, write a pattern for the hat! I’m guessing the head of my dragon was 25-30 stitches big, to give you an idea about the hat size.

For the hat: I used a purple yarn, Caron Simply Soft Party in purple sparkle then a black for the strip:
1. Magic ring with 4 st.
2. Inc, sc. Repeat (6)
3. Inc, 2 sc. Repeat (8)
4. Inc, 3 sc. Repeat (10)
5. Inc, 4 sc. Repeat (12)
6. Inc, 5 sc. Repeat (14)
7. Inc, 6 sc. repeat (16)
8. Inc, 7 sc. repeat (18)
9. Inc, 8 sc. repeat (20)
10. Inc, 9 sc. Repeat (22)
11. Inc, 10 sc. Repeat (24)
12. Inc, 11 sc. Repeat (26)
13. Inc, 12 sc. Repeat (28)
14. Inc, 13 sc. Repeat (30)
15. In outside loops: Inc, 5 sc. Repeat around. (35) (these next two make the rim)
16. In both loops: Inc, 6 sc. Repeat around. (40)

Then I used a little bit of black and made a chain.. it was somewhere between 20 and 25 st, but gauge it based off of the thickest portion of your hat. T.O. Sew to hat.


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