Week 30: No Crochet?!?!?

Right! Well, after last weekend, I didn’t know what to crochet. I hit a block, you can say. So, instead I focused on spinning. It took me a while, but look! I finished a full hank of yarn!

As of rightnow, I have not weighed it. I do not know how many yards there are… One day though before I use it I’ll let you all know! plus, its still drying.
As for the thickness.. it varies. As this was my first time spinning yarn, some strands are thing and some are thicker.
To get it plied like that, I used the chain plying technique, which I watched on a few youtube videos. Not entirely sure if I like it, but it looks like yarn, so I’m happy. XD

I was going to post all this last night, but my camera glitched out and refused to upload the photos to the computer.

Lastly, because I forgot last week, here’s my progress on teh Summer Craft A Long. You can click the picture to be directed to Cogaroo’s page about it.


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