Week 29: Mini Charmander and Eevee

Hey guys!
So this week I’m sticking with my pokemon theme of last week and I made a mini Charmander and Eevee.

Then I put my subpar drawing skillz to the test and drew this little thing:

That blobby thing is supposed to be Jayne’s hat from Firefly. I’ve been rather obsessed with the hat, and this week I took that obsession into a few different media.

Like here where I tried to make it out of clay. Unfortunately, while it worked out fairly well in design, the edges were a bit too thin and I burnt it a bit. >.< oops.

Then that spindle I made? Well, ONE of the spindles I made, I took and used some red and yellow paint to color it like Jayne's hat.

You can see part of my bookshelf. Each shelf has some little plastic things on it and this shelf is my cookbooks shelf.

Anyway, I’m thinking of making a mini hat for some creation, I just haven’t decided what yet.. which is why there are hats galore this past week. XD

Anyone else love Jayne’s hat? What would you all like to see decked out with it?


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