Week 28: Spinning, Nano, Pikachu, AND the Summer Craft Along

Hey guys!

So, this month, there’s the Tour de France going on. Also, on Ravelry, there’s something called the Tour de Fleece.. This is where people commit to spinning for every day the Tour de France is. As I really know nothing about sports, I was a bit intrigued, but relatively like “what?”

But after a couple of comments, and a looot of ogling and jealousy over how pretty the yarns were coming out, I said I wanted to try it.

One problem: I know NOTHING about spinning.

So, I started late. And I didn’t really join a team.

But I made a spindle! Well, actually 2 spindles.

There are some wonderful instructions all over the internet on making your own drop spindle. This meant I had to hit the craft store (totally not unexpected) and pick up a few things. First, I picked up these wooden wheels. They are about 2in (my guess) and the hole in the center is about 1/4th an inch (or so the dowel rod that I shoved in it suggests). I also picked up this loong dowel rod. In order to make it more manageable, I took my handy yarn sheers and cut it. For one end, I made a top whorl spindle, and another end, I made a bottom whorl. And I still have a pretty big chunk of the dowel left. The reason why I made a top and a bottom was because I wanted to try it out. And since I’m me, and that was a really long dowel rod, I decided to try both.. Besides, what harm would it be to have another spindle?

Two things I’ve learned though, 1.Once you get the wheel onto the dowel rod, it takes a LOT OF FORCE to move it once it decides to attach itself. At least, if you do what I did and get a dowel that fits the hole PERFECTLY. So, if you’re going to sharpen part of the wood for the tip of the bottom whorl, like one instruction I read said, I’d recommend you do it before you insert the wheel.

Lastly, I picked up some small hooks from the store and screwed them into where I wanted… Well, then I cracked the wood, and because I picked up the smallest size the store had, I used a dremel to open the hole more, and wood glue to “seal” everything. We’ll see how it works!

You can also see some of the spinning I’ve done.. Not too sure about it yet!

Here was the first bit that I practiced with:
I need to figure out how to set it.

Also, if you’re interested in spinning yarn, there are lots of lovely tutorials on youtube, but for whatever reason, this one seemed to be the easiest for me to follow.

So, that started off this week.

Next: Camp Nanowrimo started on the first of the month. I’m keeping my word goal small, but writing a bit here and there when I feel like it. But it is making me write, something that also makes me feel happy as it works my creativity. If you like writing at all, I’d totally suggest doing nano. It’s sometimes a fun way to meet people, and its just a nice kick in the pants to write that idea that floats around but never seems to have the time to be written down. Regular nano during November is 50k in 30 days. 50 k words that is. For camp, you can set your own goals. I have friends who write so fast that they’ll set their goals to 100k, and other people stick with the regular 50k. Or if you’re like me, and just want abit more of a kick to work ona story, you can practically set it as low as you’d like.

Then I saw Cogaroo’s post on her Summer Craft-a-long.
My printer is a bit out of ink,a nd my computer didnt wanna print it up like she had it, but here’s my paper.

For every 30 minutes you craft, you color in a star. If you meet one of the activities, you color in a star. Pretty fun, right? Like I need more inspiration and motivation to craft, but seriously, I’m happy she’s doing this.
Also, I’m color coding mine to see what I do. Mainly for my own creative reasons.

Follow me to join in on the fun.

Cogaroo Crafts

Lastly, I’ve been working on it for over a week (mainly because of the mess of going home for the 4th of July left me exhausted, but here’s my mini pikachu!

OH! Also, I participated in that critter war, and there was a swap. This is what I got in the mail the other day!

So, what about you all? What did you do this week? Did you enjoy the fourth of July if you’re in the United States?


7 thoughts on “Week 28: Spinning, Nano, Pikachu, AND the Summer Craft Along

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you could make your own drop spindles! Spinning is so fun, and the Tour de Fleece sounds cool! Your yarn looks great.

    I love your color-coding for the Summer Craft-Along! Thanks so much for joining in, and for posting about it. 🙂 You’ve been busy lately with all that crafting stuff…Pikachu is adorable!

    • Oh man, there are so many different tutorials on it! This was the one I used, but you can also make it out of a CD and out of Polymer clay

      Personally, I liked the wheel the best out of the ones I read, but thats just because it seemed a bit easier than the CD, and more uniform than polymer clay.

      Thanks! I’m stilllearning, so some of it is really thin, and some of it is really thick. I tried making it two ply (the one on the toilet paper roll) but I’m not too sure about it. Once I figure out how to set it, which is prolly going to take me a day or two to actually wanna do. XD

      Yeah. I like color coding things. I usually won’t stick with it, but it was more for my own curiosity of what I do during the day.

      Thank you! I’m working on Charmander now. Or trying ot at least.

  2. That drop spindle is so cool! I love the idea of spinning, but I have this sneaking suspicion that I wouldn’t be very good at it if I tried. But I love seeing what you’ve done. Oh, and I don’t think I told you my big crafting news. I learnt how to crochet! A little. Enough to make a scarf with straight treble crochet (which was supposed to be double, but I can’t read the instructions so I had to get someone to interpret them for me, because I thought the abbreviation for double crochet meant decrease stitches. I’m such a dum dum.)

    • Lol! It’s kinda strange and definite takes some practice. Mine is all blobby, really. Like some parts are really thin and others are really thick. But I knowit takes practice andI’m having fun with it, which is the important thing.

      OH! That’s awesome! And its okay, its hard to understand sometimes cause theres the US and the English systems. And people use all different codes for decreasing as well. But that’s great! I’d love to see pictures. 😛

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