Week 26: Tiny Birdy

This week, I’m working on a bigger project that’s no where near done. And I might actually have to go get MORE yarn for. >.< But let me present to you this little birdy that I made.

For the bird, I used Lion’s Brand yarn bon bons in Celebrate with a size 0 hook. Really, I don’t have much to say about it, beyond that. I’ve never really had the bon bons before, and the shiny colors called to me. I still have a bunch of it left over, as the bon bons were fuller than I expected and thinner than I usually work with.

Still, it made it fun to create this little guy.

Also, I mentioned my ami shelves of doom, and I maaaaaay have shared a picture before, but I figured I might as well share another one. Especially since they multiply when my back is turned.. .and everytime I add another ami to it, I end up rearranging a bit here and there.

Do you see all those puffs? They can totally overpower all the other creatures I have in there. It’s wild. XD

What about you all? Where do you store your yarn creations? (Pictures welcome!)


4 thoughts on “Week 26: Tiny Birdy

  1. I love your ami shelves of doom, and they’re much less cluttered than I expected, with your description. 🙂 Those are a lot of puffs – they’re adorable! And your bonbon bird is so cute. I can’t believe how many amigurumi you’ve made! 😀

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