This past weekend, I read and finished an entire book. I just finished the second book in the trilogy (I think its just a trilogy? I’ll have to find out)

For me, that’s HUGE.

I haven’t read like that in forever.

But I needed it. I needed the escape from real life for a bit. That test, yo. XD I don’t know how I did. I kinda don’t wanna know.

Anyway, this is about BOOKS, not about life.

The thing that makes me fall into a book like that, more than anything else, is the characters. Oh, there has to be a fairly good story too, but if the characters don’t feel right, then I have a hard time liking the story.

But when you get good characters. Characters that each have their own worries and own personalities that just bleed through the pages… That is a magic all its own.

Especially when it comes to large (or largish) casts.

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite TV show. All of the characters work towards a common goal right? They might have their little squabbles along the way, but the show keeps progressing forward, not stuck at some stalemate because all they do is sit there and bicker. (Well, there might be some shows like that out there that DO that)

Now imagine if you were in a different room and you had the volume turned up so you could hear them perfectly, but you couldn’t see them. Would you know who is who? Beyond just the voice, I mean, would you be able to hear the cockiness or the playfulness or the seriousness of the character.

I mean, I think of Criminal Minds a lot when I think of large casts that all work towards a similar goal and all have their own lives on top of it. If I just think the words “baby girl.” I immediately see Morgan in my mind saying them. And I can picture how Garcia is on the phone with her team. Or how serious Hotch is. I just feel it, you know? It’s in their word choice, their facial expressions, everything. It radiates through them as a character.

Its similar to when I find a good book that protrays that. You can just feel the playfulness in the character or the seriousness, or the the longing or heartache or anything really, without it being stated in bold words, just by the way the author writes the character.

That to me, is what makes me fall into a good book and not come up to breathe.

What about you? What do you like about a good book?


6 thoughts on “Books

  1. I know what you mean with the “escaping into a different world”, and I also think characters are what make a really great book! I especially like really long books, like the Harry Potter series…because then you can really get into the world. I don’t know what I’d do without books…and yarn. 🙂 There should be more books with crochet in them!

    • There should be!!! For me, it depends. Some books I fall into sooo easily, and others I struggle to. Either the author makes the characters unrelatable, or there’s just SOMETHING there that makes it hard for me to want to read it. Sometimes, I think its personal as well. Like if I’m super busy or stressed, I have a harder time falling into a story since my mind just won’t shut off.

      I love series, I really do. But after a while, it all starts to feel a bit like the same formula over and over. I don’t know if its just because the authors are trying to keep up with the fans/publishes/self-imposed deadlines or if its because thats what they know. I loved the first few books of HP. But then, something happened and I did not like the last few. Maybe because Harry was more whiny, maybe because I didn’t like the darker turn of things. I just had a harder time with the last few than the first few.

      Anyway, that’s my two cents. XD But there should definitely be more books with crochet in them.

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