Video games and yarn!

Recently, I keep seeing the game Unravel mentioned around the internet. I love games. I also love yarn. So, of course I was curious.

If you haven’t heard of this game, let me tell you a bit about it.

Unravel involves this little yarn creation as it solves little puzzles. According to the website, the story is that this little yarn guy is “reconnecting the memories of a long lost family.”

From the trailer, it looks like as you progress through the level, “Yarny” starts to unravel, and you use his yarn tail to tie onto things, progressing as you make a yarn bridge, a grappling line, or whatever you can think of. This sounds a bit sad, actually, the Official E3 Announcement states that it shows how life is, really. It shows the ties between people and places.

Man, I’m really looking forward to this game. It look adorable, with its little yarn creation and the meaning behind it all. The game play looks neat too! I really hope its awesome. I know what will be on my list in the future. Unfortunately, no release date has been mentioned, but keep your eyes out for it!

Another game that involve yarn (recently) is Yoshi’s Wooly World.
This looks like something straight out of an amigurumi makers imagination. It just makes me smile that yarn is getting this much attention recently!

I think part of it has to do with the success of Little Big Planet.
Oh, there have been games before that had yarn involved. Just look at this great article that goes into the history of yarn in video games. It’s interesting, but really, I feel like it was the recent success of Little Big Planet with Sackboy that made developers start looking into the craft world for inspiration.

Who knows. I just have to say that I’m liking this new trend so far.

What about you guys? Have you heard of Unravel? Any thing you looking forward to?


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