Week 24: random items to add to your crochet bag

I added a few items to my amigurumi bag.
Since mainly, I make amis, it requires quite a bit of random items.
First off, you have the yarn, and the hooks and all the normal stuff. So no real need to mention that.
Then you have fiber fluff, right?
And if you use safety eyes, you need those. and little yarn needles to sew the body together
(Embroidery floss and an embroidery needle if you just like to stitch the eyes on.. or thread and felt.. I stick with safety eyes)

ANYWAY. This is all pretty standard. Most people will tell you that. They also have the “optional” pet slicker. I.. tried it once.. didn’t like it. Didn’t try it again. I might need to eventually though, but right now I’m fairly happy with my amis.

However, you would not believe how many times I’ve lost a yarn needle. or misplaced my scissors… or some other small mishap happened.

In order to prevent this, I added a few… nontraditional items to my bag.

First off, I was in the store around back to school time and I saw this obnoxious neon pink pencil case. You know, one of those cheap zipper bags. I looked at it. Knew I could never lose it it is THAT burn your eyes out bright, and got it for my hooks and my scissors. I also will toss a few dowel rods in there when I know I will make something that needs support.. or wires if I want to make the limbs bendable.. its great for things like that.
I tried to keep my yarn needles in there, but I’d lose them nearly as much still!

Next, you know those car cups of gum? Looks like this:

Well, I saved one of those after I finished the gum and use it for all my “odds and ends”
Mainly, I put yarn needles in there. Anything I plan on using for the ami, like any little accessory I might sew or glue to it.. extra safety eyes (usually just a set or two), just little things like that that I don’t want lost. It’s great for on the go stuff because I peeled back the labels and now with white container, I can write all over it in permanent marker if I needed to. Really, I just have one in there that I keep bits of stuff in. I have a few more that I have full of other bits of stuff that I haven’t figure out a use for.

After that, I recently added a brown cardboard toilet paper roll. Like, it would be the part you’d throw away. A small slit on one side makes this a great way to wind yarn so it tugs from the center. Okay. So maybe I don’t travel with this, but I do put this near my yarn. Sometimes, it becomes a bit unruly and I need to rewind it.

This week though, I added two more items.
1. Zip lock bag. Before I’d take my huge stuffing bag, and a medium ziplock bag and fill the ziplock bag with fluff to use when I was out and about. I still do this. But after this week, I think I will always keep an extra ziplock bag in my craft bag.
2. Cheap dollar store combs.

One thing I love about being part of the wordpress community is that I get to follow all these awesome people. And I see their crafts as they post them. Also, because people are awesome and into sharing, I get to learn how to do something new.
Earlier this week, Cogaroo posted about her amigurumi Queen Levana. in her post, she also linked to a tutorial on hair. Now, I’ve seen lots of tutorials on ami hair, some of them crochet, some of them you have the yarn hanging down….. some of it is just awesome.
But I always liked the brushed yarn. Not that I really understood what it was I was looking at! I would look and think “wow” how did they do THAT? That’s pretty cool!” But I never really looked into it. Maybe I did and forgot. It’s hard to say.

I know how to make a wig cap.. well, with yarn. and I’ve pulled apart yarn before to get this kinky hair look. But the brushed look was something I don’t think I’ve ever done.

It’s turning out pretty neat! But i didn’t iron it.. mainly because one of the yarns I happen to use is a bit… fragile and will melt fairly easily even at the lowest temperature of my iron

After I sewed on the first few tufts.

The finished head…

And there you have it!

There’s my set up while I’m working.

What about you? Do you use some unconventional item while crafting?


4 thoughts on “Week 24: random items to add to your crochet bag

    • No problem! Yarn needles really are the biggest pain out of everything. They are so small and will slip out of holes and make holes in ziplock bags.. another thing you could do is tie a string to them and attach the string SOMEWHERE.. but I found it cumbersome when I wanted to use them.

  1. Those are great ideas – I’ve lost too many yarn needles to count! I love how your amigurumi turned out, the green yarn really looks cool when it’s brushed out. Thanks for sharing your tips! 🙂

    • lol! Thanks! I was honestly inspired by your post. I looked and went “oh. I need to try that… but I don’t have a person I’d wanna make right now… well, let’s make a animal person thing and just kinda wing it”
      >.< Some days, I swear I just run with things and figure it will all come together eventually.

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