Weeks 21 and 22: Sackboy… sorta

Hi guys!
These last couple of weeks have been so busy! I just finished moving… sorta…. I still have a few boxes left to unpack (full of clothes), some rearranging to do, some painting of furniture to do…. But it’s been busy!

During the last couple of weeks, I also made and finished a little sackboy. Or well, sort of.

Sackboy originates from the game Little Big Planet. You can completely customize him (in the game) with skins and accessories. It makes it pretty fun.

The game itself is kind of a bit like Mario.. minus the evil enemies of doom that you need to stomp on. Well, there are evil enemies of doom, but the stomping bit…

Anyway, my sackboy didn’t exactly come out as I planned, but I’m still enjoying him.

I also made a little jet pack for him.. you know.. just because.

Have a great week!


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