Week 20: More Steampunk.

Hi guys!
So, we’re still in the middle of our critter war, and unlike last time where I was spitting them out faster than thought, I’ve been going a lot slower.

Then I realized something: I really don’t know how to make something look steampunk.

I mean, I did fairly well with the octopi, at least in my opinion, but really, it feels very hit or miss with me. Not to mention I stare at what I’m thinking of making and stare at my little gear mold and then kinda zone out.

But I’ve been having a blast trying to figure it out as well. Like what I did for this week:

I made this little guy using gears, some small furniture buttons that I painted with “antique gold” paint (only because the fimo I’m using is gold and I didn’t go buy copper… I’m actually trying to use what I have already. so I wanted them to match) and looots of work with the glue gun. The wings I stitched up using my sewing machine and attached with the glue gun.. Okay, so I’ve been having a little too much fun with the glue gun for this.

There’s the other view.

The weird thing for me though is that usually when I make my amis, I make them so they can be played with. Nothing can fall off, you know? But for this challenge, since I am using gears and little things that are glued on, they really are just for display. Which, is still fun, but in a way, it bothers me.

Then I made this guy:

The beard I made by chaining a few stitches then using the loop stitch before I sewed the litlte thing on his chin. I then trimmed up the loops and tugged them apart to give it more of a hair look.

For his wings, I don’t know how well you can tell in the photo there, but I glued together about 6 gears before I glued them onto his back. I did this on each side so he has these really weird looking gear wings.

Then I made him a top hat as well. I didn’t sew this down to his head, but I might depending on how I feel later.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to this week beyond moving and packing. I hope you are all doing great!

Happy crafting.


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