Week 19: Steampunk

This past week I made a couple of things.. There’s another war going on over at Ravelry… a cute critter war.

This one is all about steampunk. Okay, so its optional, but it’s fun trying to figure out how to tie projects to the genre.

Also, we’re finishing up our 3rd year, and moving to a secondary location for the 4th year. Some of the people in my clinic aren’t moving where I am, so I was trying to finish up a few crafts for them.

So first off, I made this cute little giraffe for one of the girls in my clinic.

But to fit the theme of steampunk, I needed to.. well, punk it up. Steam punk it up.

I made the monocle outta a pipe cleaner. Cute, right?

Then a while ago, a girl asked for a turtle. And I was being lazy and stalled. And STALLED. >.> But I did it! I made a turtle!

Turtle! It was tinnny. well, not as tiny as that cactus I made.. which disappeared. >.> oops.

Then to give it more of a look, I made goggles. They were made out of pipe cleaners and I crocheted around them before adding a band so it would slip around the turtles head.

Now onto the creatures I made for the challenge.. not that the two previous ones werent made for the challenge.. But, you know what I mean.

I made these two little octopuses.

The first one I’m going to show, the goggles are from the turtle. but the rest I made for the octopus. The hat is suppposeeed to be like a bowler hat. However, for whatever reason it looks kinda like a fez. >.< The gears are made out of fimo clay. I used my mod podge mold for it, dusted with baby powder. Then to get the holes, I used a litttttle bit of fimo at a time and shoved it into the mold and patted it down over and over again until was flat. Baked as directed once I popped it out of the mold. I glued the little gear and the little key on with a glue gun.

This little guy, I did the same as above for the gears, gluing them down with the glue gun. For him though, I only added one safety eye so I could use the gears like the second eye. Also, that patterning on top is by using one yarn to mark the increases, giving it a neat little spiral pattern around it.

That’s all for now!
Happy crafting everyone.


5 thoughts on “Week 19: Steampunk

    • Thank you so much! I wrote a pattern for the octopuses a while ago. I did change it a bit, adding in a few rows of sc after I had my increases and I think I chained 6 instead of 7.. but it was basically the same pattern. XD

      • Ohh cool!! 😀 I think I might try it but I never have the patience for plushies xD and I never know what to do with them when they are finished, like do I give them to my bunny to play with?? DX

        • Lol! I give it away to friends as long as I’m not using a glue gun, I can give it away to kids too. Some of them I keep and display because they were just fun to make. Some I will give to my cat to play with, so I’m sure your bunny will like them too.

          • That’s a good idea, though! 😀 and then I can make my friends do my bidding because I gave them a plushie xD. That would be so cute if my rabbit would play with it, but she destroys everything haha

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