Weeks 14-17

I meant to be back sooner than this. I really did. I just was trying to finish a third project before I posted. It needs legs and a tail. It will get legs either today or tomorrow. But I did wanna show that even though my life has turned a bit upside down the last 4 weeks, I did make something! Well, two somethings! But they just toook waaaaaay longer than anticipated due to the life turning upside down. (Tests and starting to pack to move.. no fun at ALL)

First off, I made and finished this little panda for one of the girls in my clinic:

She loved it. XD I was so happy to make it for her. Now I have 2 people for SURE who I need to finish projects for (one that is in progress right now and needs legs!) and a third who I hope to get to. >.< I stall too much for my own good.

Who here as seen Big Hero 6?
It has easily become one of my favorite movies (along the shelf with How to Train Your Dragon, Miyazaki movies, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, and Wreck It Ralph.. among others. XD)
The movie itself was fun and made me cry as well. This.. could be a good or a bad thing for a movie. But I loved it. While I cried, it would lighten the mood with Baymax, who I absolutely loved. He was just a giant marshmallow that I wanted to hug.

Therefore, I decided to make him.

Anyway, I’m back for a little bit.. then I’m moving here in a couple of weeks so I may disappear again. >.<

How has everyone else been doing?

Happy crafting!


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